Sunday, August 15, 2010

CoTS Episode - XI The Raven and the Dragon

The party of adventurers continue exploring the dark tower.  During this episode, they encounter a visage of their former lives and must battle with inner demons as they attempt to defeat a wily and throughly evil foe.  "Remember Johnathan from seminary Father Luke?" "Remember your cousin who was lost in the woods at such a young and tender age Brother Grusk?"  "Remember your friend Xula who went into the Hellgate portal and never returned?"  "They are mine... I can only be that which I have devoured and soon your souls shall be mine as well." 

As all seems lost in the lands of Borovia there comes to the party two unlikely forms of help and one very ancient and powerful being that guards the secrets hidden away by the Dark Powers.  The mists are explained and the party learns the truth of the darkness in the land as they are given a quest by none other than Baron Strahd Von Zarovich and Jander Sunstar...

Grusk the 1/2 orc Monk of Kelemvor and Daldoth of Gruumush enter the upstairs tower room.  Daldoth guards the room enterance while Grusk explores the desk.

The rest of the party enter the upstairs tower room... moving quietly and purposefully toward the crates and the desk.

Quia calls her griffon from a figurine of wonderous power!

When they wake up, our heroes find they have missing members...

The other group believes their friends are missing as well... what manner of dark sorcery has brought this?  Exploring the crates, they find statues of their missing comrades...

The party enters the downstairs chamber where Father Lance detects a presence of evil...

A temple of Ezra.  A Paladin of Lathander worshipped as a godess???

The party enters the chamber seperate but has a feeling their missing friends are closer than they believe.

Daldoth discovers a glittering blue robe.

A mirror allows the party to reconnect after they defeat the shadow guardians..

The Evil presence is revealed as a great Wyrm called Zalgoth!

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