Friday, August 6, 2010

CoC - The Black Pyramid

The Investigators will head to Egypt tonight as they investigate the mystery of the Black Pyramid.  Click to listen to the podcast! One player actually died twice!

Ankhhor Exhibit Now On Display at Oxford
The Egyptian high priest Ankhhor shared the religious belief of his day that mummification was the ticket to an eternal existence. Lucky for us, a small slice of Ankhhor’s encore is being spent right here in England.
    The shrouded guest of honor is currently on display at the Oxford Prefectural Museum as a focal point of the Fascinating Egyptian Mummies exhibit. The exhibit is an impressive assemblage of relics owned by the Netherlands-based National Museum of Antiquities, whose Leiden collection has made a major contribution to Egyptology.
    Ankhhor was a mover and shaker in the pharaonic period in Thebes on the east bank of the Nile River over 2,650 years ago. He led a privileged life and spent his adulthood presiding over temple duties in the lofty position of high priest. The pomp and circumstance to which the man was accustomed is no less today.  

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