Saturday, August 28, 2010

CoTS - A New Road

The CoTS group decided to take a different path on the river of styx and ended up in The Beastlands still inside of Ravenloft. This is the story of their journey through the river where they fight zombie crocodiles and rapid river currents deep within the bowels of the Domains of Dread.
Journey down the River Styx.

The Storm - The Forgotten

Friday Night the party continues to delve deeper into the Sunless Citadel in an adventure titled "The Forgotten". Will they find what they are looking for and will the darkness make them grow stronger as friends or will the darkness win and destroy the ties that bind them together?

The Storm adventurers journey through the bowels of a Beast into the realms of the dead, past the Hell Cat guards over the river styx and into the chambers beyond in the Sunless Citadel to battle bone devils and Ibixians.

The linked podcast is to the previous adventure to the Sunless Citadel.

The Bone Bridge crosses the river Styx the road of skulls follows to the realms of the dead where part of the Sunless Citadel has been uprooted from its foundations...


Through the belly of the Beast


Guy falls in the battle with the Hell Cats


Friday, August 27, 2010

The Rise of the Fallen Star - The Crossroads

Rise of the Fallen Star
The party journeys to the Fae lands through the crossroads, battles a medusa and learns secrets of the land of Farie.

The party emerges at the crossroads in a spiral of roses and sun flowers.

The Bronze statues

The Medusa defeated after a long struggle...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I just finished base coating and priming about 40 15mm Zulus for my friend Chris.  I will post some pictures of the process in a few days.  I am trying to get a better camera but that may have to wait as my truck needs a new air compressor to run.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Nightlord Saga

Some people have asked me about who is in the games and how they all fit together.  In this blog you can see how they fit together in some ways by reading the storyline as it goes. You can also listen to the podcasts from my blog on  Here is a brief overview of all the dnd games I currently run.

*The Chronicles of the Six *
Six would-be heroes from Forgotten Realms have battled the evils of the Realms and now find themselves in Ravenloft (will they return to their beloved Silverymoon?) (Bi-weekly on Saturday night - 6 people) 
Featuring PCs: Ariadnie Moonshadow (Moonelf Mage), Grusk (1/2 Orc Monk of Kelemvor), Daldoth (Mountain Orc Fighter/Barbarian of Gruumsh), Kreek Eveningstar (Gold Elf Ranger), Quia (Chultan Fighter), Father Lance (Cleric and Sun Devotee of Lathander).
System: DnD 3.5

*The Rise of the Fallen Star* 
Together the heroes join with the legendary forces of the Realms as they become Dragon Agents and arpers
and have to take on the Nightlord. (Bi-weekly on Tuesday Afternoon - 6people) 
Featuring PCs: Fawylnn (Moonelf Fighter), Viet (Wild Dwarf Druid), Lavindra (Moonelf Mage/Celestial Channeler), DeDe (Shield Dwarf Monk), Greya (Rogue), Lynne (Bard/Cleric)
System: Pathfinder

*Against the Heroes* 
A band of deviously malcontented villains travel together to make a quick buck.. no matter the cost.. Most recently they have unleashed one of the twelve necrolords upon Faerun (The Nightlord). (Bi-weekly on Tuesday Afternoon - 4 people. We have two slots available). 
Featuring PC's: The Shadow (Monk), Ruby (Tiefling Cleric of Elven goddess of seduction), Thaddius Watt (Gnome Summoner), Ambros (Gnome Rogue).
System: Pathfinder

*The Storm* 
A band of reluctant heroes travel together toward Tilverton but find themselves working for a strange woman named Anita who seems to know more than she leads on as they find themselves deep in the Sunless Citadel. (Once or twice a month on Friday - 5-8 people.)
Featuring PC's: James (Mage), Kirr (1/2 Orc Barbarian), Guy (Rogue), Aurora (Archer), Jonathan (Fighter), (host of others).
System: DnD 3.5

Sunday, August 15, 2010

CoTS Episode - XI The Raven and the Dragon

The party of adventurers continue exploring the dark tower.  During this episode, they encounter a visage of their former lives and must battle with inner demons as they attempt to defeat a wily and throughly evil foe.  "Remember Johnathan from seminary Father Luke?" "Remember your cousin who was lost in the woods at such a young and tender age Brother Grusk?"  "Remember your friend Xula who went into the Hellgate portal and never returned?"  "They are mine... I can only be that which I have devoured and soon your souls shall be mine as well." 

As all seems lost in the lands of Borovia there comes to the party two unlikely forms of help and one very ancient and powerful being that guards the secrets hidden away by the Dark Powers.  The mists are explained and the party learns the truth of the darkness in the land as they are given a quest by none other than Baron Strahd Von Zarovich and Jander Sunstar...

Grusk the 1/2 orc Monk of Kelemvor and Daldoth of Gruumush enter the upstairs tower room.  Daldoth guards the room enterance while Grusk explores the desk.

The rest of the party enter the upstairs tower room... moving quietly and purposefully toward the crates and the desk.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nomadic Dungeons - Painted!

I just finished painting up my Nomadic Dungeons dungeon dressings.  This includes the bookshelves, dressers, beds, treasure chests, gold piles, gem bags, skulls, rugs, sleeping furs, and barrels that I purchased from Steve.  I am happy with how they came out.  Just a warning that these are resin and if you do get some make sure to spray them with a good primer before painting.  The detail on these resin models is quite nice.  Now I have something to spice up my dwarven forge stuff when I use it!  Enjoy!

Friday, August 6, 2010

CoC - The Black Pyramid

The Investigators will head to Egypt tonight as they investigate the mystery of the Black Pyramid.  Click to listen to the podcast! One player actually died twice!

Ankhhor Exhibit Now On Display at Oxford
The Egyptian high priest Ankhhor shared the religious belief of his day that mummification was the ticket to an eternal existence. Lucky for us, a small slice of Ankhhor’s encore is being spent right here in England.
    The shrouded guest of honor is currently on display at the Oxford Prefectural Museum as a focal point of the Fascinating Egyptian Mummies exhibit. The exhibit is an impressive assemblage of relics owned by the Netherlands-based National Museum of Antiquities, whose Leiden collection has made a major contribution to Egyptology.
    Ankhhor was a mover and shaker in the pharaonic period in Thebes on the east bank of the Nile River over 2,650 years ago. He led a privileged life and spent his adulthood presiding over temple duties in the lofty position of high priest. The pomp and circumstance to which the man was accustomed is no less today.  

When the Navy Walked - Core 2 Released!

At long last we've released the Core 2 rules for WtNW featuring the armies of the Great Powers! This version features expanded rules and clearer rules definitions.  What J and I have put together is nothing short of one of the best darned wargames out there.  You don't have to take my word for it though.  Check out WtNW: Core 2 from for only $15.00 you'll be glad you did!

Included are some optional rules for skiff combat for the up and coming two releases of Conflict on Mars! and Airpirates!