Wednesday, July 7, 2010

WtNW: Conflict on Mars (Excerpt)

This is a sneak-peek of the WtNW: Conflict on Mars expected to be out by the end of this summer.

History of Mars

Eons before the rise of man before thought and before existence there was once a race of supreme intellect that had guarded the Aether from those who would attempt to destroy the blanket like folds in space and time. They existed to wait and as they waited they grew bored with waiting. They were everything yet they were alone. Time and space and the distances of untold galaxies were theirs to manipulate and to shape for their will alone seemed to seep into the darkness. This intellect was neither good nor evil in the classic sense nor did it matter to it that it mattered nor cared about the fact that it neither cared nor mattered. Insomuch as existence was the creation of a thought this thought brought to life other thoughts which in turn created memories and the simple blocks of the Aether. The intellect itself did not know if others should or had existed at all but in the nexus of unreality and reality it learned.

As it began to learn the knowledge which it developed and created from nothingness a bubble of a spark of thought burst from somewhere deep in the folds of its consciousness. An avalanche of meaning came to it then as it began to shape the void of the Aether and fold the space between the universes. Planets were formed and stars and asteroids and all the basic celestial bodies that inhabit reality. This brought a sense of something to the intellect and nothing was forgotten as existence began. These worlds were created by the creators and the Dark Ones laughed as the intellect was born. Realizing it was alone, the intellect began to create creatures to inhabit its worlds.

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