Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pictures from the Rise of the Fallen Star - Attack on the Nightlord's Camp

Fearing an outright attack by the Nightlord and his army the heroes from Highmoon were sent opposite the main attacking force to find the Black Orb.  The Nightlord unfortunately had it is in his possession but the party was able to deal him a tremendous blow by defeating his retenue through a series of interesting events.  The druid Viet used shape wood to mend one of the huts which sent off a fireball trap and destroyed several elite guards inside.  The mage, Lavindra used her rod to call forth a metor swarm onto the Nightlord himself.  The Monk DeDe and the Warrior Fawlyn moved quickly to ambush the guards and fought the dread knights as their Rogue friend Greya moved in behind for the final strike. The Drow and Necromancer had a hard time keeping the party away from their master

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