Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nomadic Dungeons

If you are like me, many of you use modular dungeons, dungeon tiles and like to use miniatures with your games.  If you have been on my site I am sure that you have seen the massive Dwarven Forge layouts of the games that I have run this past year and if you are like me you are always on the look out for new and exciting 3d dungeon pieces.  Last night, after posting my podcast of Episode IX of the Chronicles of the Six, The Rise of the Beast King, I did a search on ebay for Dwarven Forge items and what I found was truly very wonderful.

I found this seller named Steve of Nomadic Dungeons who had beds, desks, chests filled with gems or gold, gold plies, skulls, banners, bookshelves, tables, Egyptian terrain and a myriad of other tidbits such as sacks of food and barrels of wine.  They were unpainted but listed at a steal for two and three dollars a pop!  At the time, he was still putting up items on his list but as I started hitting the ubiquitous "By It Now" button and filling my shopping cart I get a very interesting email stating that I should go back and update the page because he had updated his inventory.  I did exactly that. 

These items are made from resin and come with instructions for cleaning them.  I loaded my cart with these goodies and you should expect to see them on my tables very soon.  What's even better is that these pieces will serve double duty in Call of Cthulhu games and other games where dusty old tomes and shelves of forgotten and forbidden knowledge are stored. 

Check out these photos and then go fill up your cart!  I will have a review after I receive the items from him but if the pictures give any idea to quality, I will not be disappointed!

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