Wednesday, July 14, 2010

John Carter of Mars - The Movie

If you are like me and have enjoyed growing up with ERB and HG Wells and reading about the adventures of John Carter on Barsoom and his beautiful bride Dejah Thoris then you will be excited to know that they are working on a movie based on the book, and no this one does not have Tracy Lords and a bunch of no-name actors.  (Content below including the actors images taken from IMDB without permission but linked here anyway)

Check out Lynn Collins playing Dejah, Taylor Kitsch as John Carter and Willem as Tars Tarakas.

Oh please let them do a good job with this movie.  It is one of my childhood favorites!  I am in the process of reading The Chessmen of Mars right now and recently finished Thuvia, Maid of Mars.  All of this is of course in prep-work for my Martian Supplement for WTNW- Conflict on Mars.

I'd like to hear from you, my readers.  What are your favorite ERB novels?  Are you as excited about this release as I am?

Edit:  The movie is in post production!


  1. I'm with you, can't wait for this. I have only read the first, and I recently read it with my two older kids. They're pretty excited about the movie-- I hope it's okay for them to watch.

    Anyway, I'm terribly disappointed not to see Andy Serkis cast as Woola.

  2. Oh so this is NOT the recent SyFy channel farce put on that starred Tracy Lords and I forget the male lead - that tv movie was a definite D- affair. Perhaps if ILM does the digital affects this new movie will be better - Another similar series was the Tor series can't remember the author though.