Monday, July 12, 2010

Ancient City Con and My Birthday

This weekend was a blast.  My wife and I attended the Ancient City Con convention.  This is a local sci-fi/anime/gaming convention that is ran by my friend Chris and his staffers.  We arrived about 8:30 in the morning to run a Pathfinder game using the Gladiator maps from Scrying Eye Games.  This was an official demo ran to showcase the map as well as to showcase Pathfinder. The game was basically three hours of fighting and roleplaying combat broken into two fighting sessions and one session that took place 'in the pit' as the gladiators nursed their wounds. The game overview was basically one kingdom's gladiators against another.  I said it was a kingdom not unlike Rome against the Persians. The players were all fighters, rangers and a barbarian we did not have magic users other than the Ranger.  The party level was fifth.  Everyone provided excellent descriptions of their characters actions.  The highlight of the game was the final battle at the end when the Ettin was defeated by the players.  This game was completely full and we had several people that ended up watching the game as it progressed. This game was well received.

The next game that I ran was a game of WTNW.  I had a German guy play a game and our game took about an hour and a half to play. We used four ground units (one elite), one artillery battery and a landship each.  The game ended with him storming the woods and defeating my Highlanders as my Ironclad brewed up.  He really enjoyed himself and we had a lot of people come by and ask questions.  The biggest question that people wanted to know was how to get the miniatures for the game.  Since all of mine were scratchbuilt and I have not yet solidified plans with my buddy Darby for miniature design I told him to check out irregular and old glory and to do kit bashing with star wars models.
 The final game was a dnd game 9th level ran by a lady who I had not before met.  She was local and seemed to know more about roleplaying then the actual mechanics of the game.  I did not mind this as I am one to usually throw out mechanics that get in the way.  This was a fun game although we were told that it did not go as planned.  We did not have any magical items but we were told they were hidden around the woods.  It was a fun game and it was a neat plot.  I played a bard and I hammed it up pretty good.  I even sung a song about using other weapons against the shadows instead of our weapons because it was obvious that the weapons were not hurting the shadows.

For dinner we at at the American Cafe with James and Matt from Scrying Eye Games and talked of herpatology, biology, palentology, gamerology and other types of geekdom.  We also chatted about Gen Con and how I am green with envy that they are going and I am not.

The final act of the day/night was spent hanging out with my sci fi gaming friends as we did some minor improv to Dr. Who and other sci fi.  Several of my friends came in steampunk as did myself although I was told I looked like Mal from Serenity.  The best part of that was when we found a crack in the walls and did an impromptu Dr Who skit whereby I grabbed the guy dressed up as David Tennant's shoe, put it in the crack and pulled it out exclaiming "He's coming back, praise the Lord he's coming back!"

Yesterday was my birthday and John, Brent, my dad and myself played a game of Rapid Fire using my WWII Germans versus British.  The plot was to capture a farmstead.  Both sides had a reinforced infantry battalion.  They knocked out one of my Panthers but we knocked out all of their Fireflies and one of their Churchills.  Then we went to the game store and I picked up the rules for Uncharted Seas, the Shroud Mages Starter Fleet, the Flagship, the Ripper Sub and the Destroyers.

Uncharted Seas looks really awesome.


  1. The Rapid Fire 2 game was awesome...cannot wait to play it again. Howard.

  2. Happy late Birthday dude.