Thursday, July 22, 2010

15mm ACW Ironclads

I am hosting an ACW "Sink the CSS Louisiana" game at my house this Sunday from 1pm until we are done.  Whoever is in the area and wants to come out is welcome to play.  I will be using the Ironclads! rules converted from the Barnacle Bill easy convention rules. This will be my first time using 15mm Ironclads in a game and I am looking forward to it.  The objective for the Confederates will be to get the CSS Louisiana down river to the protection of Ft. Dixie before the US Monitors destroy the ship.  The CSS Louisiana is still being built in this scenario and will not be able to reach full steam nor will she start with a full compliment of crew as they are in the town and will need to be called in as the monitors arrive in the channel.  Should be a lot of fun!

Edit:  Bob Moon played the Union and had two monitor class (one single and one double turret) and successfully defeated the Fort, a Cottonclad and eventually blockaded the CSS Lousianna from making it to is destrination.  The Ft struck colors after the monitors snuck around behind it destroying all its guns.  The Cottonclad blew up when a boiler hit slammed into the ship causing all hands to be lost.  Both monitors were severely damaged but the boys in blue took the fight this day!

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