Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pictures from the Rise of the Fallen Star - Attack on the Nightlord's Camp

Fearing an outright attack by the Nightlord and his army the heroes from Highmoon were sent opposite the main attacking force to find the Black Orb.  The Nightlord unfortunately had it is in his possession but the party was able to deal him a tremendous blow by defeating his retenue through a series of interesting events.  The druid Viet used shape wood to mend one of the huts which sent off a fireball trap and destroyed several elite guards inside.  The mage, Lavindra used her rod to call forth a metor swarm onto the Nightlord himself.  The Monk DeDe and the Warrior Fawlyn moved quickly to ambush the guards and fought the dread knights as their Rogue friend Greya moved in behind for the final strike. The Drow and Necromancer had a hard time keeping the party away from their master

Friday, July 23, 2010

Call of Cthulhu Tonight! - East End Horror

As the gaslight hides the truth of the mystery... Tonight, five brave investigators try to find out the horror of London's East End!  Click the title of this post to listen to the podcast of the game!

--Llyod's Weekly---
Plague Threatens East End
"Late this afternoon the bodies of two unidentified men were discovered in its basement by the landlord of a tenement building at 14 Bridge Street, E. Eyewitnesses at the scene claimed, before the premises were closed by the police, that the deceased bore the signs of the Black Death - bubonic plague. Scotland Yard have appointed Insp. Athelney Jones in charge of the case. He urged the local populace to "remain calm," since, "everything is under control."
The plague occurs occasionally in London as infected individuals arrive, but our vigilant medical practitioners give this dread disease no chance of establishment.  Several decades ago an entire ship docking at Whitby proved to be victimized by plague."

Thursday, July 22, 2010

15mm ACW Ironclads

I am hosting an ACW "Sink the CSS Louisiana" game at my house this Sunday from 1pm until we are done.  Whoever is in the area and wants to come out is welcome to play.  I will be using the Ironclads! rules converted from the Barnacle Bill easy convention rules. This will be my first time using 15mm Ironclads in a game and I am looking forward to it.  The objective for the Confederates will be to get the CSS Louisiana down river to the protection of Ft. Dixie before the US Monitors destroy the ship.  The CSS Louisiana is still being built in this scenario and will not be able to reach full steam nor will she start with a full compliment of crew as they are in the town and will need to be called in as the monitors arrive in the channel.  Should be a lot of fun!

Edit:  Bob Moon played the Union and had two monitor class (one single and one double turret) and successfully defeated the Fort, a Cottonclad and eventually blockaded the CSS Lousianna from making it to is destrination.  The Ft struck colors after the monitors snuck around behind it destroying all its guns.  The Cottonclad blew up when a boiler hit slammed into the ship causing all hands to be lost.  Both monitors were severely damaged but the boys in blue took the fight this day!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

John Carter of Mars - The Movie

If you are like me and have enjoyed growing up with ERB and HG Wells and reading about the adventures of John Carter on Barsoom and his beautiful bride Dejah Thoris then you will be excited to know that they are working on a movie based on the book, and no this one does not have Tracy Lords and a bunch of no-name actors.  (Content below including the actors images taken from IMDB without permission but linked here anyway)

Check out Lynn Collins playing Dejah, Taylor Kitsch as John Carter and Willem as Tars Tarakas.

Oh please let them do a good job with this movie.  It is one of my childhood favorites!  I am in the process of reading The Chessmen of Mars right now and recently finished Thuvia, Maid of Mars.  All of this is of course in prep-work for my Martian Supplement for WTNW- Conflict on Mars.

I'd like to hear from you, my readers.  What are your favorite ERB novels?  Are you as excited about this release as I am?

Edit:  The movie is in post production!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ancient City Con and My Birthday

This weekend was a blast.  My wife and I attended the Ancient City Con convention.  This is a local sci-fi/anime/gaming convention that is ran by my friend Chris and his staffers.  We arrived about 8:30 in the morning to run a Pathfinder game using the Gladiator maps from Scrying Eye Games.  This was an official demo ran to showcase the map as well as to showcase Pathfinder. The game was basically three hours of fighting and roleplaying combat broken into two fighting sessions and one session that took place 'in the pit' as the gladiators nursed their wounds. The game overview was basically one kingdom's gladiators against another.  I said it was a kingdom not unlike Rome against the Persians. The players were all fighters, rangers and a barbarian we did not have magic users other than the Ranger.  The party level was fifth.  Everyone provided excellent descriptions of their characters actions.  The highlight of the game was the final battle at the end when the Ettin was defeated by the players.  This game was completely full and we had several people that ended up watching the game as it progressed. This game was well received.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

WtNW: Conflict on Mars (Excerpt)

This is a sneak-peek of the WtNW: Conflict on Mars expected to be out by the end of this summer.

History of Mars

Eons before the rise of man before thought and before existence there was once a race of supreme intellect that had guarded the Aether from those who would attempt to destroy the blanket like folds in space and time. They existed to wait and as they waited they grew bored with waiting. They were everything yet they were alone. Time and space and the distances of untold galaxies were theirs to manipulate and to shape for their will alone seemed to seep into the darkness. This intellect was neither good nor evil in the classic sense nor did it matter to it that it mattered nor cared about the fact that it neither cared nor mattered. Insomuch as existence was the creation of a thought this thought brought to life other thoughts which in turn created memories and the simple blocks of the Aether. The intellect itself did not know if others should or had existed at all but in the nexus of unreality and reality it learned.

As it began to learn the knowledge which it developed and created from nothingness a bubble of a spark of thought burst from somewhere deep in the folds of its consciousness. An avalanche of meaning came to it then as it began to shape the void of the Aether and fold the space between the universes. Planets were formed and stars and asteroids and all the basic celestial bodies that inhabit reality. This brought a sense of something to the intellect and nothing was forgotten as existence began. These worlds were created by the creators and the Dark Ones laughed as the intellect was born. Realizing it was alone, the intellect began to create creatures to inhabit its worlds.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nomadic Dungeons

If you are like me, many of you use modular dungeons, dungeon tiles and like to use miniatures with your games.  If you have been on my site I am sure that you have seen the massive Dwarven Forge layouts of the games that I have run this past year and if you are like me you are always on the look out for new and exciting 3d dungeon pieces.  Last night, after posting my podcast of Episode IX of the Chronicles of the Six, The Rise of the Beast King, I did a search on ebay for Dwarven Forge items and what I found was truly very wonderful.

I found this seller named Steve of Nomadic Dungeons who had beds, desks, chests filled with gems or gold, gold plies, skulls, banners, bookshelves, tables, Egyptian terrain and a myriad of other tidbits such as sacks of food and barrels of wine.  They were unpainted but listed at a steal for two and three dollars a pop!  At the time, he was still putting up items on his list but as I started hitting the ubiquitous "By It Now" button and filling my shopping cart I get a very interesting email stating that I should go back and update the page because he had updated his inventory.  I did exactly that. 

These items are made from resin and come with instructions for cleaning them.  I loaded my cart with these goodies and you should expect to see them on my tables very soon.  What's even better is that these pieces will serve double duty in Call of Cthulhu games and other games where dusty old tomes and shelves of forgotten and forbidden knowledge are stored. 

Check out these photos and then go fill up your cart!  I will have a review after I receive the items from him but if the pictures give any idea to quality, I will not be disappointed!