Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When the Navy Walked - Conflict on Mars!

I am plugging away at the next installment of When the Navy Walked.  This will be a full run book covering the Martian colonies and the early history of Mars.  Think John Carter of Mars.  This book will feature new tribal Martian races such as the Ruat and the Gaal, the battles of the Red Wars like the Battle of Iker, Creature Internal Hits and Sabotage charts and alternate rules for playing on Mars including skiff boarding actions and sky gallon combat as well as new edges and flaws.  I am really excited about this book because it will feature the origins of the mysterious overlords and promises to be full of adventure and action!

In addition, I'd like to welcome my at least part time Editor J Womack of Victoria's Boys in Red. At this time he has offered to help me clean up my writing and make the book look more professional.  I'd also like to thank Shawn Carpenter of Ambush Alley Games for reviewing the book.  Finally though not yet completed I am in discussions with a friend who is working with me on designing a miniature line for the game!

I cannot say thank you enough to everyone!  Look for the next installment of WTNW this summer from!

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  1. I'm always interested in how other people see the Victorian age on Mars.

    Good luck with the project and I hope it succeeds.