Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Case of the Curious Cephalopod

Saturday, I was able to run the pulp game that I was unable to run at Rapier due to being ill.  I had expected about five people to show up and was pleasantly surprised when we had a group of eight.  The game was a traditional B Horror movie mixed with some elements of several of our beloved on-going pulp characters and included a large mix of new heroes and villains. 

The background is that the characters are in Morristown, Penn.  Something strange has called the aliens to Morristown.  Something dark, deadly and unknown.  Our characters have each come to Morristown on the first night of twilight of the summer.  It is right after the Gopher's high school prom and two of the heroes are making out in a hot rod when a large silver disk passes them overhead and crash lands into a field a few yards away.

What follows is the description of the characters, their objectives and the after action report.

Brent Harris, Football Star, Quarterback and Home Coming King
Background:  Man, there is is sitting there just waiting for you!  The love of your life, Donna Peterson!  You are just about to go in for round two when you hear a strange buzzing noise and see a metal circular shaped disk crash land into Mr. Orson's apple orchard and skid right into his cabbage patch.  Donna is looking over you towards the object.  Her eyes are glassed over and she seems paralyzed with fear.  Then you see them.  They come out of the field, some have grey skin and others are floating almost squid like.  They look like they are right out of a B-Movie.  She scream and you gun it.  You race your shiny new car towards Doc's Movie Theatre.  Doc will know what to do.  When you get there you'll phone the gang.
Goal:  Your goal is to find out what the aliens want and try to get them to leave Morristown and then maybe get lucky with Donna.
Associates:  Your associates are the offensive line of the football team.  They can take one hit and are considered down.
Specials:  Boxing, Pistols, Shotgun, Hot rod
Played by:  Brent

The Greens pass over the tripods...
Donna L. Peterson, Gopher High Cheer Captain and Home Coming Queen
Background:  It is getting a little past nine o'clock and you are out alone with your long time steady boyfriend Brent Harris.  You sit in his shiny new car that his dad just got him for beating the Ravens 12-3 and look into his big brown eyes.  You are the captain of the Morristown Gophers and the Home Coming Queen.  You just got done making out with beau when you see a strange orb come streaking past town and slam into the woods.  Before you are able to really react to the first orb another strange UFO crash lands into the pig pen by Mr. Oliver's grocery store.  Then you see them.  A group of strange little grey men stand at the edge of the woods starting at you with big beady eyes....  You scream, but it is more from anger than fear. You were just trying to get to third base with Brent and no alien invasion is going to stop you from getting to your goal.  You tell Brent to gun it and make the decision that after tonight, you will have your man but first you have to get hold of your cheer leading squad because he's going to need some serious backup.
Goal:  Your goal is to kick some serious alien butt and then get back with Brent after for a midnight rendezvous. 
Associates:  Your associates are the Gopher cheerleaders.  They can take one hit and are considered down.
Specials:  Gopher Cheer, Pyramid, Pistols, Pom-Poms
Played by:  Roxanne

Rick, Steve, Curtis and Dan plot...
Doc, Movie Enthusiast and Scrappy the four legged companion
Background:  You are Donald Trump Davis Gates but your friends just call you Doc.  You own a movie theatre in town.  The kids seem to enjoy spending most of their time between your joint and Jerry's Soda Shoppe, the soda jerk across the street.  Since Brent's dad is away in the war and his mom is working hard at keeping the house, you've kind of adopted the kid.  Sure he's an athlete and a bit arrogant but you've been able to teach him some new moves with the ladies.  Yep, everything you know you remember from movies.  You've seen them all.
Goal:  When Brent comes and tells you what is going on you will recognize the grays and know that they will be looking for some other kind of power source.  The Greens will attempt to contact the mayor and the cephalopods are there for the complete destruction of the human race.  Something about the cephlapod martians that you can't quite put your finger on but you remember them somehow...  You are not sure about the bugs or the crab people nor exactly what Dr. Katana is doing behind your movie projector.
Associates:  Your associates are your movie crew and several B-Movie actors.  They can take one hit and are considered down.  Scrappy is your long-time companion and sidekick and can take three hits before being down.
Specials:  Knowledge, Money, Actors, Pistols, Shotgun, Movie Theatre
Played by:  John
                                                                                Four-Way battle for supremacy!
Sgt Frank Carrier, Police
Background:  You are Sgt Frank Carrier and you are sick and tired of all of these people putting up stills everywhere.  Yes the prohibition days are long over or so the bureaucrats decided.  It was not their fault that the Good Lord did not tell them that he does not like people making shine on Sundays.  Anyway you recently hauled in a crazy cultists talking about calling the aliens and how the stars are right for the invasion.  Just a typical Morristown drunk.  Still, the mayor did ask you to keep an eye on the town tonight since it is the night of prom.  Keep extra special eyes out for the crazies tonight.
Goal:  Keep the city safe from aliens, illegal or otherwise.
Associates:  Your associates are Morristown's finest.  They can take one hit and are considered down.  Your sidekick, Private Duey can take two hits before he is down.  He is armed with a shotgun.
Specials: Police Radio, Squad Car, Pistols, Knowledge, Arrest
Played by:  GM
                                                                                The Green's saucer crashes... 
Lt. Simon Archer, MIB Rocket Corps Division
Background:  You are the United States Rocket Corp Men in Black Division.  You are here to find the source of the commotion that is calling all of these aliens.  You are here to get in and get the aliens out and to make sure that everyone believes this was a weather balloon.
Goal:  Stop the alien menace!
Associates:  MIB Rocket Corp are immune to alien physic attack and black gas.  They may take one hit and are considered down.
Specials: Rocket Grenades, Radio, Propaganda
Played by:  Unfortunately Lt Archer's rocket packs failed somewhere outside of Virgina on the way to Morristown and they had to stop for repairs.

Dr Katana's Henchmen, the Martians and the Green's Saucer...
Cultist Jimmy Doogan ad the Cultists of the UFO
Background:  You are the cultists of the UFO.  You have seen that they are coming and you are there to welcome them.  If only you could get on their ship!  Here they come!  Wait a minute, they are shooting at you!  They aren't supposed to shoot at you!  Something is going on...  You use your alien whistle that you got from the Sears and Roebuck catalogue and a pair of horrendous alien dogs appear from the corner of the nearby building.  They move with lightning speed toward your group. 
Goal:  Try to ally yourself with one of the aliens.  Try to get souvenirs.  Watch out for the UFO!
Associates:  Your associates are your cultists and your alien dog.  Your cultists can take one hit before being down and your dogs can take two.
Special:  Alien Whistle, Dark Knowledge, Pistols, Ray Gun

The Collector and the Cue
Background:  You have returned to the Earth from the Darkest City to find and capture humans for your little ant farm.  The humans make good sources of potential psychic energy when you rearrange them into different lifestyles.  Sometimes you might want the blond to be married while other times you might decide to make her a prostitute or put her on the news as a television anchor.  Whatever it is you decide to do with the humans, they are yours to do with as you please.  You arrive in town just as several other aliens do.  You have not had other aliens in Darkest City before and you grin with the anticipation that adding an unknown element will bring to your collection.
Goal:  Capture as many people, aliens, cats, dogs or whatever you can and bring them to your ship to bring back to Darkest City.  You need ten specimens.
Associates:  Each cue has a shield of psychic energy that protects them.  Each cue may take one hit before being knocked down.
Specials:  Psychic Shield, Psychic Attack, Pistols
Played by:  Rick
                                                                                The dock workers going about their day...
Your Leader and the Martians
Background:  You chased your enemy Doc to this God-forsaken rock.  Quickly you get your men together and move toward the Movie Theater.  The solenoid is still warm from where it crashed into the Earth as you tripods begin to spray their deadly black gas.
Goal:  Find Doc and capture or kill him.
Associates:  Your martians may take one hit before being knocked down.  The tripods can take three hits before being knocked down.
Specials:  Black gas, Beams, Levitate
Played By:  Curtis

The Grey Scientist Cryn and the Grays
Background:  While on a routine expedition to Earth, your saucer crash lands in Morristown, Penn because it ran out of blue energy.  After performing some scans you believe that the human DNA may be used to make blue energy.  The humans also appear to be using some kind of power to run their vehicles.  Find this energy or harvest enough DNA to make your saucer fly.
Goal:Try to collect at least ten points of DNA and find a potential power source for the downed UFO.
Associates:  Each gray may take two hits before being knocked down.
Specials:  Research, Probe, Plasma Gun, Plasma Rocket
Played by:  Dan

Curtis and Dan plot...
The Evil Dr. Katana and the Terrifying Trio
Background:  Your sensors have detected the presence of a large quantity of Qutonium in the heart of Morristown, Penn. the substance that drives all of your experiments.  Supplies are getting low so you must get this new hoard for your experiments.  You board your tunneling machine and leave China Station and head to Morristown.  You arrive ahead of the first machine and setup shop at the Movie Theatre offering to work on Doc's broken projector.  Your minions and your Terrifying Trio of robots accompany you. 
Goal: It does not matter what damage you cause as long as you get the Qutonium.
Associates:  Your robots may take two hits before being knocked out.  Your minions make take one hit each before being knocked down.
Specials:  Repair, Mass Hypnosis, Improved Robot Claws, Pistols, Shotgun
Played by:  Steve

Doc blows up his Movie Theatre in the hopes of defeating the Martians and the Cue battle cheerleaders in the graveyard!


  1. Holy crap what an awesome writeup! Great looking game table...the works. Mind if I link to it?

  2. The game really looks like it was great fun...I am sorry I missed it..your dear old Dad.

  3. Go right ahead Gyro. I plan on actually doing an AAR when I get some pics back from Roxanne. I want to do a short play-by-play.