Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When the Navy Walked - Conflict on Mars!

I am plugging away at the next installment of When the Navy Walked.  This will be a full run book covering the Martian colonies and the early history of Mars.  Think John Carter of Mars.  This book will feature new tribal Martian races such as the Ruat and the Gaal, the battles of the Red Wars like the Battle of Iker, Creature Internal Hits and Sabotage charts and alternate rules for playing on Mars including skiff boarding actions and sky gallon combat as well as new edges and flaws.  I am really excited about this book because it will feature the origins of the mysterious overlords and promises to be full of adventure and action!

In addition, I'd like to welcome my at least part time Editor J Womack of Victoria's Boys in Red. At this time he has offered to help me clean up my writing and make the book look more professional.  I'd also like to thank Shawn Carpenter of Ambush Alley Games for reviewing the book.  Finally though not yet completed I am in discussions with a friend who is working with me on designing a miniature line for the game!

I cannot say thank you enough to everyone!  Look for the next installment of WTNW this summer from!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Case of the Curious Cephalopod

Saturday, I was able to run the pulp game that I was unable to run at Rapier due to being ill.  I had expected about five people to show up and was pleasantly surprised when we had a group of eight.  The game was a traditional B Horror movie mixed with some elements of several of our beloved on-going pulp characters and included a large mix of new heroes and villains. 

The background is that the characters are in Morristown, Penn.  Something strange has called the aliens to Morristown.  Something dark, deadly and unknown.  Our characters have each come to Morristown on the first night of twilight of the summer.  It is right after the Gopher's high school prom and two of the heroes are making out in a hot rod when a large silver disk passes them overhead and crash lands into a field a few yards away.

What follows is the description of the characters, their objectives and the after action report.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chronicles of the Six - The Beast King EP VIII

The party continues deeper into the Jungle of Chult to find an ancient tomb of a lost king. Going deeper into the tomb they learn of a story of star-crossed love as a werewolf king and a young nobleman's daughter fall deeply in love, are secretly married and meet their destiny in a clash of powers. The party delves further into the truth of the poem and learn of two young lovers 'Fettered in Blood'.

On an related note, we will be purchasing a microphone to use for the game and the group is getting more into the roleplaying. Last night's game was a lot of fun and had several great roleplaying scenes...

Pictures from the game.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Time to rework the Cogs

Wow! I cannot say enough how thankful I am to all of my fans of When the Navy Walked. I am literally speachless by the outpouring of support and interest in the world. There have been so many people that have came up to me in the past few weeks to talk about the new game and I have been excited to talk with them about the up coming Africa campaign and Martian supplements.

With this in mind, I have decided to move on with my decision to write a role playing game based in the world of When the Navy Walked as well as a cross-over for Pulp Alley when David and I get it ready to be distrubted. Thank you again so much to my fans, without whom I would be in this dream by myself.

Now the dust settles on Arm Chair General and I am sure that you have seen the new look. I have made several changes to the layout of this blog including the colors and the location of tabs. If anyone knows how to get rid of that visual portal or viewport please let me know as I really want it to just be a black background with the actual page background image coming from either side behind. The next few weeks you will see a lot of changes here at ArmChairGeneral and I believe they will be for the better.

Good luck, God Speed and keep a sharp eye out for Airpirates mate!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Aethergraph Published!

The Aethergraph Published at Last!
After a few delays, J has finally finished the first issue of an electronic fanzine for Victorian Science Fiction: The Aethergraph!

You can read and download the first issue in PDF form here: Aethergraph Vol. 1, Issue 1

Please let J know what you think! You can email comments, problems, submissions to me at


(crossposted post taken from ISLP)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When the Navy Walked - SALE!!!

Announcing the June sale of When the Navy Walked for only $12.00!  That's three dollars off the cover price for the core rules!  Hurry, sale ends June 30th!  This is in anticipation of the upcoming Conflict on Mars! supplement.