Monday, May 3, 2010

Recon 2010 Ambush Valley Game

 The M113 takes on Charlie who is hidden in the edge of a wooded area.

The National Liberation Front commander plots trap placement...

 The Sheridan takes out the PT76 with a direct hit and the squad behind watches as the tank brews up.

 The layout of the town at the base of the jungle.  The US advance from both sides of the road.

 A mortar hit slams into the deck armor of the Sheridan exploding inside the turret.

 It finally stops raining and the Lt Fox calls in a cayuse for airel recon.  The NVA base and several bunkers are revealed!

 VC and NVA pour out of the base, backed with an APC and PT 76!

 Fox calls FB Sword to level the base with 155s!   The NVA commander Lt Cam and his entourage escape but the VC surrender and the base is taken by the US boys!


  1. Nice looking game. What scale minis did you use. They look like 28mm.