Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All the Kings Men

Today up at the Garrison meeting we played a 54mm game with toy soliders called "All the Kings Men".  This game is made by Ken over at ATKM and it takes a toy solider approach to wargaming.  The units all have the same movement depending on the type of formation that you are in.  Each unit has three opportunities to activate during the game.  The unit's conditions move from Green to Yellow to Red to Disordered.  The game is played by using cards for initative.  Both the card color and the card face or number matter.  In our case we were Hessians against Americans in an AWI game.  I forget what the battle was that Edgar said but I know it was an actual battle (or part of it) that we played. 

I got the artillery, a small 3" gun or so and a unit of regulars and my compatriot played with sharpshooters and grenadiers.  Unfortunately, my artillery battery was destroyed before I could even run to the gun to man it with my crew but my regular unit was able to defeat the American unit that took out the gun and help take out another unit with the sharpshooters help.

Poor Washington kept getting low cards which forced him to select units not to activate that turn and then when he did get to go he was attacking our units up against walls and in cover. Edgar and Jamie, the GMs stated that this was the first time that the Hessians had beat the Americans in the scenario.  I had a lot of fun.  My daughter rolled fives and sixes consistently and Brent and John took it on the chin as one of their units kept being delayed. 

Check out ATKM!

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  1. Posted on behalf of John Murk:

    Battle Was Trenton 12-24-1776

    Washington’s army continued to lose more units until it broke.

    Historical Washington’s victory at Trenton is what keep the army together.

    Without it we would still be part of the UK.


    Ps enjoyed your writeup.