Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Against the Heroes - Stealing the Crates

This week's game featured a stow-away aboard the ship (played by Step, Al's girlfriend) who's mission was to find Nestie the Assimar and get the star rock from her and bring it to her drow patron.  The party captured the ship and sailed into the river Tesh where they were met by Elves who tried to stop them with a ballista and archers.  They were able to defeat the archers and sailed away towards the Moonsea.  Unfortunately, they were heading the wrong way so they had to turn around and were ambushed at night by a pack of blue sharks being controlled by a group of Saughaun.  The party began to drown and several were knocked unconcious by the ship as it capsized.  A hard battle ensued underwater between the fish-men and the party.  Unfortunately, two party members who were rescued at the last minute died as a result of shock from the sharks and the water.  The wizard died when a shark jumped out of the water and bit her in half.  They were able to save two of the eight crates.  The shark ate the crate with the moon stone and the saughaun were able to get away with the others. 

Since this is an evil game we decided to go ahead and use a bit of DM fiat because they wanted to try another set of characters.  I am still learning Pathfinder and I found the underwater combat and drowning rules to be about the same as 3.5.  I enjoyed running tonight's game.  Both of the other players are making Tieflings.

RIP Elation, Drow Mage and Deadeye, 1/2 Orc Rogue

Ships by arsenale shipworks
Maps by Scrying Eye Games and Piazo

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