Saturday, April 10, 2010

When the Navy Walked on Rorke's Drift Released!

I just released the free download for the pdf of When the Navy Walked on Rorke's Drift.  This is a free scenario so what can you lose by checking it out? Go to wargamevault and get yourself a free copy! Fans of VSF will like the steam bots and technology in the game and fans of history will enjoy the level of detail I put into the game.  I encourage all of you to go and check it out.  The core book for When the Navy Walked will be available sometime in late 2010.  Steampunk adventure awaits! 

When the Navy Walked on Rorke's Drift is a free download for the upcoming table top miniatures Victorian Science Fiction game When the Navy Walked!  WTNW:RD is a scenario that uses the innovative mechanics for WTNW.  This product will appeal to fans of the VSF and alternate history genre.  This product recreates the famous battle of Rorke's Drift set in the mission station itself as the king's half brother attempts to break the thin red line and the British solders fight for their lives like rats trapped in a hole!

The core book for When the Navy Walked features an intensive full background on the development of steam powered technology and the colonization of Africa from an alternate history perspective as well as the exploration of inner earth and beyond!

This blog will be the home of new rules discussions and developments as well as the place where I will recruit people who are interested in working with me on this project in the future!  So come on and grab your steam goggles and let's dream in steam!  

 As always feedback is appreciated.  


  1. Congratulations!
    Fantastic to see that this is out.
    PDF winging its way to my PC now.

  2. Excellent. let me know what you think. This is the first release in a long line of titles that I have planned and the rules will only continue to grow and become better as I get feedback from people playing the game.