Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Recon 2010 & Rapier 2010

I will be running Ambush Valley at Recon 2010 this year.  Recon is sponsored by HMGS South and is down in Coca Beach Florida Holiday Inn this year.  My game is scheduled for Friday afternoon from 2-6 and will be a search and destroy type mission involving ground troops and maybe some light support.  I am thinking of allowing on-call support for the ALLIED side however.

At Rapier which is still at the Jacksonville, Fl Clarion hotel I will be running some demo games of When the Navy Walked all day Friday and Saturday night from 9pm-12pm I will be running a Rugged Adventures pulp game called The Case of the Curious Cephalopods. Both of the games at the convention will feature Martians from the Parroom Station line of miniatures as well as some other surprises.  The write ups for the games can be found here HMGS and RapierCon but I am putting them down here for reference.  I hope to see everyone there!

Recon 2010 (April 30-May 2)

Vietnam 1969

The draft has recently supplied your platoon with fresh new recruits and your firebase has been assigned a new aerorifle platoon complete with a detachment of long range reconnaissance to keep the area clear of Victor Charlie.

Rapier 20010  (June 4-6)

WTNW Against the Alien Powers

The great powers of Germany and England allied with the Sky Pirates, Atlantians, and dinosaurs and battle the alien menace of the Overlords.  Can they hold their line or will the aliens overcome the allies land Ironclads and Walkers with their Tripods and death machines?  When the Navy Walked is a strategic game of Victorian Science Fiction where the players take the reigns of massive armies and their steam powered machines.  Developed by Robert Adams.   This game will be played during Sessions One & Two.

The Case of the Curious Cephalpods
Morristown, Pennsylvania, 1923.  A classic tale of the Football Jock, the Cheerleader, American Rocket Corps MIB division, Indiana Jones and a strange artifact, the Evil Dr. Katana, and his plans for a drive-thru movie, and a group of marauding aliens hell-bent on terrorizing humanity.  A twisted retro science fiction pulp tale of unimaginable horror that can only be real in the Twilight Zone.

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