Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pathfinder - Against the Heroes

So Tuesday night's Pathfinder session went very well.  Before I get into this post too much I want to give a little background information for those who do not know what I am talking about.  Currently, I run three D&D games set in Forgotten Realms from 3.5.  Last Saturday the first group (the one that's been playing for one year) completed the first part of the story arch and basically completed one campaign.  I introduced elements of their task to the second group the week before.  The first group, The Chronicles of the Six (podcasted biweekly) is based in Silverymoon and is currently deep in the Jungles of Chult, having just stopped a tiefling necromancer from opening the portal to Hellgate Keep near Silverymoon.  The second group, Rise of the Fallen Star is based in Deepingdale and is dealing with the drow incursions there.  Most recently, they have helped out Highmoon by defeating an alienist cult and helping the nearby population of drow followers of Ellistrae.  Both of the proceeding games are run in 3.5 with plans for conversion to Pathfinder if I like the system.  The final group, Against the Heroes, is a mercenary (non-good) game that is set in Daggerdale.  This is my first shot at Pathfinder rules and consequently the subject of this post.

The group met and started to discuss how they would like to have their characters and after a bit they just started roleplaying.  I liked it so much I said "Ok, you guys are all sitting around in a bar and do not know each other when you start to discuss the topic of laws".  This was what they were already talking about so it worked rather well.  I continued "You are in Daggerdale in the town of Last Hope and in Empty Soul bar."  They liked that so we continued the game and I had the typical barmaid come by and introduce herself, get their orders etc (using a menu I already created to spice it up).  The entire game was impromptu and I just let things roll of my mind as a shady character and a 1/2 orc with one tusk watched from the corner, eventually offering the party a job to go collect some money owed him by a local rich farmer's kid. By the end of the game they were in the Dancing Dryad stopping a thieving kid from stealing from one of the party members (not that they cared about the party member just well it's the law.. most of them as LE).  They were all hired with the exception of the one who was robbed.  They stopped the kid and won the day for the tavern/gentlemen's club.  I was able to lay  several plot hooks down during the course of the night and felt that the game ran smoothly right from the book.

In posts to come I will be giving a more detailed analysis of Pathfinder but for now since I need to head off to work I will say that I liked almost all of the changes they made to the system.  It was much easier to run off-the-cuff without having to reference multiple books (which is why I limited the game to the Pathfinder books only) and I personally loved the static CMD and one CMB (Combat Maneuver Defense) and (Combat Maneuver Bonus) that are used for combat maneuvers such as grapple and disarm.

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