Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Modern Microarmor Challange

From the desk of Chris Stockton...

A day of micro armor in Jacksonville, FL on Saturday, May 15 starting 9:30am going until we get tired. We have 12ft x 6ft table to use.

This is a warm up to Rapier 2010, for those that are competing there. It is also the regional qualifier to the National Micro Armor Championships. Bring your modern micro armor if you wish. Micro Armor is available to use if desire.

Mick said that he will bring his 500 M1A2/M1A1s to the game for a box battle. If any one would like to get in on that game, let me know. Bring your stuff, you can be on his side if you wish or you are welcome to be on mine. Not sure if this game will happen with other priorities to game. If you wish to bring your micro armor, bring it. If not there are extra to use.  Stay for a few hours or for the entire day. 

Chris is planning a unique micro armor type of game that is overlook but relavent to the international polictical climate today. A game in the Middle East with options of M1S, M1A2, Merkava IV, Challenger 2, and LeClerc MBTs. 

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