Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Update

This was a good weekend although there really was no gaming to speak of I did get out WTNW:RD and I hope you all enjoy the sneak peek.  One highlight of the weekend other than the very busy Church activity schedule on Sunday was on Saturday when my daughter and I selected some pink polyhedron dice for her to play at the table with us. She used her Easter money that she found in the eggs.  I am a true gamer teaching my daughter about history and how to count using dice and gaming. She is four and enjoys rolling dice for daddy.  She says she wants to play a fairy princess or a pirate princess.  I am excited to announce that she will be featured in the next podcast albeit as a minor roll and will probably be more into the dice rolling than anything else.  Now if I can just get her to learn to count using these dice.

We also caught Clash of the Titans on the big screen and my wife watched the original for the first time here at our house.  I have it in my collection.  Since this is not really a movie review blog I will just say that I enjoyed it but it was not the same as the original.  To be truthful there were parts of that were better than the original.  The graphics really did add to the movie rather than detract it but the shorter running time detracted from some of the more interesting background and the subtraction of a flying mechanical owl reminded me of the acrid taste in my mouth left from the cut of Tom Bombadil in Lord of the Rings.  We rented 2012 and enjoyed that for an interesting piece of science fiction. I liked the ending. Next we're gearing up for some Labyrinth.

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