Thursday, March 11, 2010

WTNW Update

I've been mulling it over for a few days and I have come to the conclusion that the rules I have developed for When the Navy Walked work equally well for historical miniatures.  The game is a command driven game similar to other games that require pips or command points to be spent in order to order your troops.  Due to these facts I have decided that there will be a historical variant.  I am taking name suggestions.

The game continues to be developed at a rapid pace.  We are going to continue playtesting it as much as we are able. I was unable to run Rorke's Drift last weekend due to the fact that some of the guys were sick and we ended up with a terrain building session instead.  I built a nice redoubt for the scenario.  Very soon I am going to be needing some artwork for the book.  I just wish I could draw because I'd do it myself.  Unfortunately, my talent is in creative writing and rules development with mechanics but not so much in pictures.

I have added Edges and Flaws that grant special abilities or detriments to the units.  They can be purchased when building a unit and have a varying cost depending on the specific edge or grant a specific number of points back based on the Flaw.  For those interested we are playing on Sunday next week around 1:30pm EST.  It will be the variant of Rorke's Drift using the When the navy Walked rules I am developing.

Update:  Tonight I worked on some of my 15mm Grey's and 15mm British Colonials.  I painted the British i in their standard blue trousers red coat and the aliens in a mixture of either bright gold or sapphire blue jumpsuits.  The aliens will all have blue eyes.  Some of you guys know this already but yes that is a Warmachine jack in the background and since I do use klankers in my VSF I am going to be painting that up as a Martial Class British Steambot.  It will be blue and red like the redcoats. What do you think?


  1. That's a really cool name for a ruleset by the way...

  2. Mik very soon I will be looking for a select group of playtesters.

  3. Hmm, if only I knew of such a group...


  4. There was an artist at Cold Wars in the Lobby foyer dressed in Pirate gear - Someone on HMGS staff might know be able to provide you with some contact information, also i don't know if you follow the blog Iron Mitten, you might check with him his drawings are really cool.