Monday, March 29, 2010

Rorkes Drift VSF Final

Yesterday we played Rorke's Drift all the way through to its completion!  My playtesters helped me add some interesting elements to this alternate scenario including a native cannon battery that was helpful in defeating the steambots of the British.  Here are some pictures.  The British were played by my Dad and the Zulu Impis were played by Ray.

This introductory scenario for When the Navy Walked on Rorke's Drift will be available soon for download from Wargame!  As always, I welcome comments and feedback.

The initial positions of both forces.

The Zulu UDloko Iklwa sneaking up behind the kitchen and ovens.  The British line this part commanded by Bromhead is ready and reinforced with a steambot.

The Zulus charge in taking severe casualties and doing a little damage to the British line.  The British Natal Native Horse and Natal Native Contingent are in the background preparing to take on another Zulu Iklwa UThulwana.  The NNC and NNH stayed firm in this 'what if' scenario.

More action at the wagons as the British begin to engage in heavy hand to hand combat with the Zulus. The Mark I steambot firing its Gatling gun into the Zulu formations.

Zulu spears away causing injuries among the British line.

The Mark II steambot takes over it's dual Gatlin guns shredding the Zulu formation.  The Zulus charge into melee with the British.

The InDlu-yengwe ibutho Bachelors prepare to enter the fray... 

More of the battle at the wagons.

The Prince Dabulamanzi KaMpande orders everyone to attack en mass!  The Zulus entering their classic Horns of the Beast formation.

Chards boys are holding their own as the Zulus make a frontal assault up the road to the station.

Lt. Henderson and the  NNC defend the unfinished portion of the mealie bag walls.  The Zulus begin peppering the Natal contingent with their spears and charge in for the kill.

Massive fire from the Natal Contingent force the Zulus into a route!  It's remaining stand rushing into the bush for cover.

Lt. Henderson and his boys tighten the noose as the Natal Horse move to charge any Zulus that break into the perimeter.  More British are slain as the Zulu horde continues its relentless attack!  The Zulus bring up a native gun and pound the Steambot MK II into rubble.

The commencement of the all-out attack.  The Zulus charged the wall bravely and killed many British but in the end although the NNC and NNH were eventually routed, Chard's boys held true to history and held the Drift!  Several British casualties were patched back up by Surgeon Renolds and put back on the line.  It was a close battle and well played by the Zulus.

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