Thursday, March 4, 2010

DND, VSF Pulp and Good News

This weekend is the DND game for Chronicles of the Six.  I will be podcasting it as per normal although this time I am going to provide a brief introduction to the game before it starts as an introduction to the characters.  Join them as they delve deeper into the Yuan-ti serpent people's temples deep in the mysterious jungles of Chult and find out what their arch-nemesis Vortigern has been doing all of this time...

This weekend will also be the largest playtest of the When the Navy Walked rules as I have several friends  coming out who will put it through its paces.  I updated my VSF rules and have been steadily re-writing the changes recommended by my playtesting team.  So far I am really excited with these rules.  The next step will be to add some modifications that break the rules such as powers and extra abilities. I will be working it into the build system but am still out on if I want to put the rules for the building of units in the main book or if I would rather just make my own units and allow people to build armies with pre-existing units that they can tweak.  I will probably go the latter route which will allow me to keep the units at what I feel is a more historically accurate approach.  Of course we are talking about VSF so historical approaches aside there will be some very interesting fun and steamy portions of the game.

I will probably be running some of my When the Navy Walked at Rapiercon this year in Jacksonville for those of you who are interested in this genre and have not already played the game.  I will have free copies of When the Navy Walked on Rorke's Drift with me as well if all goes well.  Most likely I will be doing a War of the Worlds meets Sky Captain type game including Sky Pirates and Tripods (and maybe Greys).

Production grows nearer with Pulp Alley as David and I finish up the final touches to the game and make changes that the playtesting crew recommended. The game is really looking great and I am very proud and excited to be a big part of it.  We will be announcing a  public forum before too long and I plan on heading that up as soon as David gives me the green light.  I am also considering demoing some of Pulp Alley at a convention this or next year depending on how things work out.  It has been a pleasure writing editing and working with you.  Thank you David!

Finally, the big news. As many of you know, my wife has been sick these past few weeks.  I also came down with something Friday night last week after having some bad wine.  I even spent all day Saturday curled up with my wife feeling less than happy about life while watching Burn Notice on our DVR.  If you haven't seen that show yet I highly recommend it but I digress.  About three months ago Mel and I were trying to expand our little family.  We thought it would be fun to have another (just one more) kid and so we decided to give it a go.  After about two months of trying we decided to stop as it was fast becoming Christmas and we had to get back to the Holidays.  Still we decided to allow God to take over and gave up on the trying part and just enjoyed our time together without stressing out over babies. Back to this week when Mel was feeling very sick on Monday up until Wednesday and I started to do some research on the interweb. I looked around yesterday for some of the tell-tale signs and started considering that perhaps Mel was pregnant.  Today she called me and confirmed it.  So that's the big news.  I am going to be a dad again.  I am really excited!


  1. Congratulations ArmChairGeneral

    That is great news!

    I wish you and your wifr all the best.

  2. Congrates !!!! Always a blessing ..... enjoy !