Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rise of the Fallen Star - Forgotten Realms Game

Here are some pictures from last night's Forgotten Realms game.  The party heard of a rumor that a cult was operating in the town and after a time several important people went missing including Lady Brannon the Seneshal to Lord Ulkar of Highmoon.  They went to the slums district near Eastingbridge and came across horrors man was not meant to know.  They were represented by Tyranids and Genestealers.  They used an amulet with an eye that had tentacles coming out of the top to locate the cult.  The mage of the party succumbed to the power of the amulet and slipped it on at almost the climax when they engaged the alienist responsible.  Then they saw the horrors of the mutations as their friends and Lady Brannon who were captured appeared as genestealer hybrids - the amulets transforming them into dark cultists of Dagon...

This is our bi-weekly Tuesday dnd game and is not the game that is podcasted as Chronicles of the Seven.  This game is called Fall of the Risen Star and it takes place concurrently with the Chronicles.  In addition, next Tuesday we start a bi-weekly game on the opposite side of the fence as the grand story arch continues...

Clawed horrors leap from behind old stores and decaying market stalls at the party but the mage calls forth a skeletal owlbear (represented by the ape).

The battle rages on as more of the aliens ambush the party from hiding places beneath the purple mist that covers the ground...

A shrieking horrifying howl echos from beyond this realm as more alien monsters leap forward and the genestealers engage..

Monday, March 29, 2010

Rorkes Drift VSF Final

Yesterday we played Rorke's Drift all the way through to its completion!  My playtesters helped me add some interesting elements to this alternate scenario including a native cannon battery that was helpful in defeating the steambots of the British.  Here are some pictures.  The British were played by my Dad and the Zulu Impis were played by Ray.

This introductory scenario for When the Navy Walked on Rorke's Drift will be available soon for download from Wargame!  As always, I welcome comments and feedback.

The initial positions of both forces.

The Zulu UDloko Iklwa sneaking up behind the kitchen and ovens.  The British line this part commanded by Bromhead is ready and reinforced with a steambot.

The Zulus charge in taking severe casualties and doing a little damage to the British line.  The British Natal Native Horse and Natal Native Contingent are in the background preparing to take on another Zulu Iklwa UThulwana.  The NNC and NNH stayed firm in this 'what if' scenario.

More action at the wagons as the British begin to engage in heavy hand to hand combat with the Zulus. The Mark I steambot firing its Gatling gun into the Zulu formations.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Parroom Station Celephid Tripods

I have been painting on my pair of personal tripod walkers from Parroom Station miniatures. The piece itself is a very nice model of a celephid personal walker with a death-ray.  The creature is set at the top of a mostly-closed cockpit where it sits at the controls, using its extended tentacles to squeeze the trigger on the death ray.  Although this miniature is 28mm I intend on using it with both my 28mm and my 15mm victorian science fiction and my 28mm pulp games. I used a thick drybrush of chainmail color on the metal parts on the walkers followed by highlighting the connections and joints with bright silver.  The pieces seemed to have organic parts as well which I painted the same way that I did with the pilot using a dark red crimson followed by a drybrush of dark purple then a lighter pink.  I then highlighted the creature with tentacle pink and gave it a squid photophorus pattern by running lines across the top of the body and the tentacles in various shades of pink and flesh color.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rorkes Drift VSF, pt 2

I've updated Rorke's and can't wait to show you guys these wonderful pictures using the undergrowth by Woodland Scenics and the fruit trees and everything.  All of the buildings are exactly where they are supposed to be and the Shiyne hill is also where it is supposed to be.  Everything looks great!  It's beautiful and I can't wait to show it to you guys!  Sunday I will be running a game using the WTNW rules but depending on who shows up I might just go full blown historical and leave out the bots.  Then again maybe we'll run it twice if we get the time.  The game is intended to be played in a few hours (2-4).

Tonight's dnd game went really well.  Some of the players from The Chronicles of the Six recognized the name of the main arch villain from their game and see some crossover happening.  They rescued the slaves that the Zhents and Thayans stole from Highmoon.  Tonight the mystery got deeper and whoever set everything into motion tied up all loose ends by killing everyone else involved in their kidnapping plot.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

WTNW Update

I've been mulling it over for a few days and I have come to the conclusion that the rules I have developed for When the Navy Walked work equally well for historical miniatures.  The game is a command driven game similar to other games that require pips or command points to be spent in order to order your troops.  Due to these facts I have decided that there will be a historical variant.  I am taking name suggestions.

The game continues to be developed at a rapid pace.  We are going to continue playtesting it as much as we are able. I was unable to run Rorke's Drift last weekend due to the fact that some of the guys were sick and we ended up with a terrain building session instead.  I built a nice redoubt for the scenario.  Very soon I am going to be needing some artwork for the book.  I just wish I could draw because I'd do it myself.  Unfortunately, my talent is in creative writing and rules development with mechanics but not so much in pictures.

I have added Edges and Flaws that grant special abilities or detriments to the units.  They can be purchased when building a unit and have a varying cost depending on the specific edge or grant a specific number of points back based on the Flaw.  For those interested we are playing on Sunday next week around 1:30pm EST.  It will be the variant of Rorke's Drift using the When the navy Walked rules I am developing.

Update:  Tonight I worked on some of my 15mm Grey's and 15mm British Colonials.  I painted the British i in their standard blue trousers red coat and the aliens in a mixture of either bright gold or sapphire blue jumpsuits.  The aliens will all have blue eyes.  Some of you guys know this already but yes that is a Warmachine jack in the background and since I do use klankers in my VSF I am going to be painting that up as a Martial Class British Steambot.  It will be blue and red like the redcoats. What do you think?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

District 9

I really enjoyed this movie.  I specifically enjoyed the documentary feel of it and the difference that they made with the aliens compared to the normal superior aliens running down hallways and thrashing marines aspect of aliens movies.  I felt it was a well done movie that did not overdo the politics nor try to shove beliefs down the audience throats unlike other movies in this genre. I felt it was a very good movie.  What did you think of it?

D9 photo used without permission on my blog. 

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rorkes Drift VSF, pt 1

As a teaser to this weekend's upcoming Rorke's Drift game in VSF I present the following pictures.

The Hospital and storehouse with mealie bags.

A view of the drift and the kraal.

The British Forces with Dalton's Steambots and the Native Natal Contingent and Native Natal Horse.  I am going to give the British a chance to keep the NNH and NNC by making morale rolls to see if they skedaddle.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

DND, VSF Pulp and Good News

This weekend is the DND game for Chronicles of the Six.  I will be podcasting it as per normal although this time I am going to provide a brief introduction to the game before it starts as an introduction to the characters.  Join them as they delve deeper into the Yuan-ti serpent people's temples deep in the mysterious jungles of Chult and find out what their arch-nemesis Vortigern has been doing all of this time...

This weekend will also be the largest playtest of the When the Navy Walked rules as I have several friends  coming out who will put it through its paces.  I updated my VSF rules and have been steadily re-writing the changes recommended by my playtesting team.  So far I am really excited with these rules.  The next step will be to add some modifications that break the rules such as powers and extra abilities. I will be working it into the build system but am still out on if I want to put the rules for the building of units in the main book or if I would rather just make my own units and allow people to build armies with pre-existing units that they can tweak.  I will probably go the latter route which will allow me to keep the units at what I feel is a more historically accurate approach.  Of course we are talking about VSF so historical approaches aside there will be some very interesting fun and steamy portions of the game.

I will probably be running some of my When the Navy Walked at Rapiercon this year in Jacksonville for those of you who are interested in this genre and have not already played the game.  I will have free copies of When the Navy Walked on Rorke's Drift with me as well if all goes well.  Most likely I will be doing a War of the Worlds meets Sky Captain type game including Sky Pirates and Tripods (and maybe Greys).

Production grows nearer with Pulp Alley as David and I finish up the final touches to the game and make changes that the playtesting crew recommended. The game is really looking great and I am very proud and excited to be a big part of it.  We will be announcing a  public forum before too long and I plan on heading that up as soon as David gives me the green light.  I am also considering demoing some of Pulp Alley at a convention this or next year depending on how things work out.  It has been a pleasure writing editing and working with you.  Thank you David!

Finally, the big news. As many of you know, my wife has been sick these past few weeks.  I also came down with something Friday night last week after having some bad wine.  I even spent all day Saturday curled up with my wife feeling less than happy about life while watching Burn Notice on our DVR.  If you haven't seen that show yet I highly recommend it but I digress.  About three months ago Mel and I were trying to expand our little family.  We thought it would be fun to have another (just one more) kid and so we decided to give it a go.  After about two months of trying we decided to stop as it was fast becoming Christmas and we had to get back to the Holidays.  Still we decided to allow God to take over and gave up on the trying part and just enjoyed our time together without stressing out over babies. Back to this week when Mel was feeling very sick on Monday up until Wednesday and I started to do some research on the interweb. I looked around yesterday for some of the tell-tale signs and started considering that perhaps Mel was pregnant.  Today she called me and confirmed it.  So that's the big news.  I am going to be a dad again.  I am really excited!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Friend Selling some stuff

If anyone is interested my friend has the following for sale:

"Other stuff if a mix of FAA, Britannia, SHQ and some others; Germans,British LW, Russians, etc.  Also an 88 w.crew.  Some others.  Would have to pull and sort.   Let me know if someone really is interested I'll be happy to chunk those out fairly reasonably."

He will also paint it if needed.