Sunday, February 28, 2010

VSF Sunday and feeling better

Today my dad and I playtested WtNW again. The game was fun.  I might have had a few more points but it was evened out with his buggar british units.  The Atlantians Hydrosteam lances work well and the units seemed to be able to hold their own.  Unfortunately although I wanted to get pictures I was unable to get them out.  I will get some next week as we are doing the freebie scenario for rorke's drift ala steampunk.

I am feeling better by the way.  A big thank you to those that wished me well.

Yes Eli those are the Black Raven Amazons I told you about but they are Atlantians with hydro lances and dinosaurs with big freaking lazers err some kind of nasty power they vent off their heads.


  1. LOL, whatever you want to call them, it works for me :)

  2. freebie scenario for rorke's drift ala steampunk? ok how does that work? Can you ggive me an OB, my neighbor wants to play some VSF but I aint sure where to start, check out the Rorke's Drift scenario on my blog.

  3. Dave as soon as it is refined I will let you know and everyone else know to grab it as a free download from Wargame Vault. Hopefully it will interest everyone in getting the main book :)