Monday, February 8, 2010

Siege of Augusta Acquisitions

I had a really great time at Siege and between my dad and I we found some really good deals.  I also setup the table for the following weekend's first official playtest of When the Navy Walked.  It features the German Foot StormTroopen against the Martains controlled by the Overlords.

The Rules...

The Germans are late WW1 figures irregular I believe which I obtained at the convention.

Here are the Martians which are 15mm Colonial Egyptians that I also picked up at the con.

A neat piece by Dwight Jones that I picked up at the con as well.

Here are the Martians with the UFOs I painted up for my Full Thrust fleet.
The Overlords... 

These are the German WW1 Early War troopers I got with the late Germans. Notice the pickle helmets.
German and Austrian WW1 Cav.
Russians WW1 also from Siege.

Some neat sand bagged positions from Pegasus hobbies.

Finally here are the colonists AWI that I picked up from Dave Cooper (thanks Dave and checks in the mail ;) and the painted and finished Americans and German Jager units I completed and flocked.


  1. Looking good there. Need to find you a camera with a macro feature to fix that focus problem. I know you have some cool stuff going on there, just can't see it that well.

  2. Yeah I need to get another camera. Any suggestions?

  3. Hey Rob try a kodak easy share then my/your figs will show off n we can share stuff - hope you sent enough for the 25mm fiw cuz I is workin on them too :-)