Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today I finished up my Atlantians for my WtNW game.  I used caribbean blue and darker blues to bring out the plumage on the headdresses.  These are Amazon figures from Black Raven Foundry that I have painted in a different scheme.  Yes those are two mage knight figures which I am using as Atlantians Hydro-Steam bots.  Notice they have access to Earthin's population of dinosaurs and they are often seen in the company of the Atlantian hunting parties.  These guys are well on their way to completing my smallish army for the Atlantians. I am going to add some Marion Romans and Greek pikemen  They use hydrosteam pikes which allows them to shoot projectiles and their technology is on-par and in some cases more advanced than that of the Great Powers.


  1. Nice Work ..... I wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of those troops. SHould be a fun game ...

  2. The troopies look very very good. Dad.

  3. Great-looking Amazons. Are those the Black Raven ones you told me about?

  4. Very nice work! I plan to use GZGs Sci-fi
    Egyptians for my Atlantians....I had a 100
    laying about, this way they'll get a double use...)