Monday, January 25, 2010

Siege of Augusta Convention Report

Dad and I headed up for Augusta about 7:00 AM.  It took us about five hours to get to the Double Tree.  Overall, it was a good time at the convention.  The staffers were very friendly about getting us to our areas and allowing the attendees to sign up to events early.  I did notice that someone had mistakenly printed Saturday's events twice instead of Sunday's on the program.  There were several raffles and a decent flea market setup at a few tables.  Vendors in attendance were Time Portal Hobbies, Comics and Games, Gameological Institute, Casting Fool and Son, Tiny Metal Men and a painting company that carried 20mm colonials and other 20mm goodness (no moderns).  Sorry I forget their name.  Games ranged from historical American Civil War ran by Bob Moon and Colonial to more fantasy type World War 1 with tripods in 2mm ran by Chris Pageno. I ran a game of Ambush Alley/FOF that had great success and played in a French Indochina war game that was horrible.

Convention Schedule

I played in a full thrust game helping my dad out and since the others knew I was a veteran, they ganged up on my poor Centauri fleet.  I was able to hold my own although that game was somewhat rough since my wingman's fleet did not help that much :(   They had a nova gun on the other side.  Cheesy weapon IMHO. Dad did a great job setting up this game but there were many missiles and we ended up getting each other with missiles and fighters more than with capital ships.  I look forward to playing again.  My opponents were ruthless and yes I did get a beat heated but one of the guys had brought his friend who was a professional massage therapist who gave me a free session. :D  She even had her chair!  The coolest thing is that guy had worn a kilt over his jeans! hehe.

The next morning I ran Ambush Alley and added the FOF rules to where the insurgents were able to keep reacting to the regulars in the effort of making it harder without overwhelming the regulars with 100000 insurgents in Mogadishu.  It was a hard fought battle and a scenario of my own design based on historical evidence.  In the end, the score was 16 Somalia 18 US.  I will not be having an AAR but I will have some pictures and a brief overview when I get the pictures from Mitch.

AA and FOF use a scoring system but we do not always use it.  The game I ran had the following objectives:

Exit Super-Six Four crew off board at designated extraction point - 8
Somali hot spots neutralized - 2
Civilians dispursed - 2

Each US KIA - 5
Each US WIA -  3
Each Civilian converted - 2

The next game was a pirate game in which I helped my friend Dave Cooper run at the convention.  The scenario was total chaos (this is a good thing) and the governor was trying to get to the town from the fort, the Pirates were checking out nearby islands etc, looting, and my ship (The Bonadventure) which was a small ship of the line, had a great time in destroying pirate ships and taking prisoners.  I actually won the medal for that game.

Then I had the misfortune of playing in a homebrew game of French Indochina war.  The guy was VERY knowledgeable (albeit incorrect on some of his assumptions) and if he were somehow able to transfer his knowledge into an ability to actually run a cohesive game that would be great.  As it was, however, the guy's game was VERY ROUGH and when he announced "Does everyone want to call it" about two hours into the game everyone gave a resounding "YES!"  The thing that ticked me off is that the Vietminh had unlimited anti air and somehow could fire at our high altitude bombers.  He allowed them to attack us in the jungle even near  the firebases saying "well you shoot them as soon as you can see them"... BS we'd wait until they came into the open so they didn't have cover.  Anyway I will NEVER play a game ran by that man again.

After that fiasco I played my first Wings of War game and scored about 1000 in painted lead for $200 :) .  Egyptian Colonial Zoaves, WW1 German late and early war, WW1 Russians, WW1 German Cav and WW1 Austrian Cav.  WOW what a deal!  I also scored 20 highlanders for 25 bucks.  These were all 15mm guys which is the scale I am really starting to love for my big colonial and VSF battles.

The next day I played another game of Pirates with Dave Cooper although this time I was a pirate and ended up being caught by the governor's ship, the bonadventure, the Tortuga and The Red (Something).  I was the  Black Swan.  My crew went out fighting but it was a quick fight.  I then got to control the fort and the town's guns and sent two of my attackers to their graves.

Overall, it was a good fun convention.

We came by Fort McAllister on the way back and my dad was well pleased to check out the civil war fort.

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