Sunday, January 10, 2010

PodCasting the DnD Game (Continues) - CoTS Dungeonland

I recorded last night's game and the sound quality is OK.  I now have to set about editing this which may take a few days.  This session had a lot of non-character chit chat which is fine as to my mind the game is also about socializing.  There are times where we have mostly roleplaying and gaming but this was one of those sessions where there was a lot of out of character discussion.  The in-character discussions were a riot.  The topics ranged from everything from the bigotry expressed by non-elves to the sprites down to what the Jabberwocky was and if they should really want to see the Queen of Hearts.


  1. Great! Can't wait to hear it! Will you be posting it on iTunes?

  2. Yes I will Mik but it will also be available as an RSS stream from podbean.

  3. It is taking a bit longer than I had anticipated. The podcast will be up by this weekend though I will try to get it up before then. We have a character generation session tonight for our Tuesday biweekly game.