Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Old Glory 25s 15mm Ironclads

Over the Christmas I picked up six fine resin cast 15mm Ironclads from Old Glory Shipyard (Thanks Dad ;)).  The order was placed on Christmas Day and I received them yesterday along with all of the naval guns that I needed to give them teeth.  Teresa was wonderful over at Old Glory Shipyard and I highly recommend her!  I will be showing their progress as I go along like I did with the Rhodesian Crocodiles although am still painting on my 15mm ACW Union forces.  I have most of my Confederates done.  I picked up the Albemarle, a Six Gun Casemate, St. James Wheeler, Mortar Privateer, Two Turreted Monitor and a Single Turret Monitor.  I will be using these puppies in my Johnny Reb games as well as with the Ironclad modified rules for Barnacle Bill.

First here are two regiments one each of Confederates and one of Union that I completed tonight.

Here are the monitors

Here are the Albemarle and Six Gun Casemate

Finally here are the Privateer and the St James Wheeler


  1. Edit: I will also be putting tracks on them when I use them for VSF using the blue tacky stuff so as to be able to still use them for historical purposes as ships.

  2. Dare I even wonder what this set your "defense budget" back? Those are nice ships and a great idea adding the tracks.