Saturday, January 30, 2010

Iron Clads initial painting completed

Last night I primed the ironclads that I had ordered for Christmas last year.  I have a small collection of 1/(some small number) scale ironclads from my dad that he had painted very nicely. All last night I kept creeping into the garage to sneak a peak at my drying fleet and mentally going over ideas of how to paint them.  Most people do not know this but both sides of the American Civil War had ironclads and both sides painted their ironclads rather than leaving them a shiny target in the night..  So it is with ideas of ironclads that I woke up this morning when I sleeked into the game room (garage) to check on the fleet and make sure it was completely dry.

Now, many of you already know that I am a family guy and I love spending time with my kiddos and making breakfast and doing the dad thing.  So after spending some time with my wife this morning and making breakfast burritos I said goodbye to my wife and daughter as they headed to go get my daughter enrolled in VPK.  I then pulled out my son's Thomas trains and we set about creating a grandiose scheme of twisting track.  We played for about thirty minutes before he looked at my ironclads and pointed to them.  "Yep, you're right son, I should get painting on them."  I went into my office and grabbed the paints I figured I need, brushes and a few paper towels. Before setting up my painting station my son was already in his chair smiling and giggling.  He loves watching me paint.

This morning I spent my time between painting on my iron clads and playing with my son.  Here are the results of my painting.  I am not sure if it was more fun playing with Faelan or painting and instructing Madison about the actual causes of the American Civil war afterwards.  I hope you enjoy.  I am including a tag as both ACW and VSF because as I have previously stated I am going to be using them for both.

Here are some shots of them as Land Ironclads

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