Thursday, January 14, 2010

In the 'Stan

A while back I did a mission for the Osprey Raider contest on Ambush Alley Games.  The mission was Operation Rendezvous which is a mission that could have happened during Desert Storm.  Today while looking at the AAG site I noticed that they needed another mission to demo the flashpoint figures etc so I decided to go ahead and update the mission giving it newer equipment and moving it to Afghanistan.

Mission Overview
A small mechanized US convoy is heading to a remote village just outside of Taliban controlled territory with much needed medical supplies for Bravo Company.  The convoy is setup typically with the lead vehicle a Cougar MRAP.  As the convoy passes a series of small rural houses and businesses Lieutenant Bobby “Long Tom” Livingston gives the order for the convoy to stop.   Quickly the well trained soldiers debus the Bradleys and find cover.  As the Cougar heads forward passing by an old Buick a small boy with a cellular phone is spotted behind a nearby tree pointing the phone in the direction of the convoy. 

The reaction of the forces is immediate as they move to cover the boy but a blast from inside the Buick rocks the Cougar.  The IED explodes outward slamming into the MRAP and sending shrapnel into the forces gathered nearby.  Bravely the soldiers continue through the shrapnel toward their target.  As they race toward him the kid drops the phone and runs away.  A quick chase ensues with the forces finally getting to the young boy.  They place him in custody and move him to a HMMWV for questioning. 

Specialist Donaldson, the medic checks over those in the Cougar and patch up the men injured in the shrapnel blast.  “Let’s question that kid.”  Lieutenant Long Tom moves toward the MP HMMWV.  After a few moments he emerges from the vehicle sobs from the kid emanating from inside.  “We got problem ahead of us boys.  Seems there’s a Taliban complex and Al Qaida training facility just north of our position.  As luck would have it we have been told by Brass to go ahead and investigate but our primary mission is still to bring these supplies to Bakah.  We are to proceed to the complex and take into custody any persons of interest we might find.  Whadda say boys? ” 

US Mission
Your convoy is heading to bring medical supplies to Bakah, a town just on the outskirts of Taliban territory where fighting has intensified in Afghanistan.

The primary US objective is to see the medical supplies safely off the board.  If you are able to capture or kill the leaders of the Taliban the morale of the enemy it would be a great blow for Freedom.  You must get at least two of the six supply trucks safely off the board.  The trucks are heavily loaded with supplies and may only move at patrol speed.  In addition, there is a complex of buildings on a nearby hill which the kid has identified as a Taliban and Al Qaida training facility.  It may have valuable documents or persons of interest.  Capturing these documents and POIs is not as much as priority as is scouting out the complex and successfully mapping the grounds.

Starting Forces
US Forces
Two squads of 2 6-man Fire Teams.  Troop Quality Trained D8, Morale Good D8.
Each Team – 
1 x Leader w/M116 Assault Rifle 
1 x Grenadier w/Grenade Launcher 
1 x Gunner w/SAW 
3 x Riflemen w/M116 Assault Rifles 

All Vehicle Crews Troop Quality (Trained D8), Morale ( Good D8)
Cougar 4x4 MRAP
Firepower: M2HB HMG (3d) 
Defense: Class 2 (2d8)
Survivability: 4+/D8
-          Add +1 Defense dice vs mine, IED and "other" blast attacks

1 M1A2 TUSK Abrams Tank
Firepower: 6d (120mm Main Gun)
                 3d (RWS M2HB)
                 4d (coax mg)
Defense: Class 4 (5d12)
Survivability: 4+/D12
-          120mm Firepower increased due to use of advanced rounds
-          Coax FP increased due to FC, ROF and excess ready ammo
-          Side skirts fitted with ERA; +1 Defense vs ATGW/RPG attacks
-          "Bar" armor fitted to rear; +1 defense vs ATGW/RPG attacks

2x HMMWV M1043
Firepower: 3d (M240 machine gun)
Defense: Class 1 (1d8)
Survivability: 4+/d8
Crew: 3

HMMWV M997 (Medic-Up-armored)
Firepower:  None
Defense: Class 2  (2d8)
Survivability: 4+/d8
Crew: 3

2x M2A3 Bradley
Firepower: 4d (25mm Chaingun)
                     4d (Tow II ATGM)
                     3d (Coax MG)
Defense: Class 3 (3d10)
Survivability: 4+/d10
Crew: 3+6
-          Cannot fire Main Gun and ATGM same turn
-          Fitted with ERA; +1 Defense die vs ATGM/RPG attacks

6x unarmed cargo trucks (can be combination of M393 5 ton, M35 duce ½, M1011 10 ton or HEMTT)
Firepower:  None
Defense: Class 1 (1d6)
Survivability: 4+/d6
Crew: 2

Taliban Mission
Your small training camp is hidden out of the way of prying eyes.  Other than training new recruits to the cause your small band spends most of the time watching CNN and worrying about the Americans in the country.  Your group has been assigned to guard a small road in the middle of the desert that leads to a nearby village.  Alerted by the noise of the large diesel engines one of your scouts notifies you that a small convoy is heading to your very position!  Smiling you ordered your men to both sides of the hill in anticipation of ambushing the convoy.  You have them setup makeshift roadblocks which will force the convoy to leave the road and follow a dangerous route through the sands.

The primary mission for the Taliban and Al Qaida is to capture or destroy the cargo trucks.  Secondary missions are to capture or kill US forces and to protect the vital documents and Cleric leader Al Hassam which are in the barracks building.

Taliban Forces
Four squads of 2 10-man Fire Teams. Troop Quality Trained D8, Morale Fanatic D12.
Each Team –
 1 x Leader w/AK47 Assault Rifle
2 x Grenadier w/AT RPG
2 x Gunner w/SAW
5 x Riflemen w/AK47 Assault Rifles

2 T72 Tanks
Firepower: 5d (125mm Main Gun)
                    4d (Gun Launched ATGM)
                    3d (AA HMG)
      3d (coax mg)
Defense: Class 4 (3d12)
Survivability: 4+/d12

2 BTR 90
Firepower: 4d (30mm Main Gun)
                 4d (Gun Launched ATGM)
                 3d (coax mg)
Defense: Class 2 (2d8)
Survivability: 4+/d8
Crew: 3+7
-          Amphibious
-          Cannot fire Main Gun and ATGM same turn

Regular Victory Conditions 
• Per cargo truck successfully exited off board: 5 points 
• No wounded or POW left behind: 10 points 
• Recovered intelligence documents from barracks: 5 points
• Recovered POI from barracks: 5 points

Insurgent Victory Conditions 
• Per cargo truck destroyed: 5 points
•Per cargo truck captured: 8 points
• Per US wounded: 1 point 
• Per US killed: 2 points 
• Per US POW: 5 points 

Insurgency Level

Die Roll Insurgent Unit 
1 1d6 w/Small Arms + AT RPG

2 2d6 w/Small Arms 
3 1d6 w/Small Arms + AT RPG 
4 1d6 w/Small Arms + 1 w/L Support, 1 Leader 
5 1d6 w/Small Arms + 1 RPG 
6 3d6 w/Small Arms + 1 w/L Support, 1 Leader
7 1d6 w/Small Arms + 1 RPG, 1 Leader 
8 2d6 w/Small Arms + Leader

9 1 BTR 90
0 1 T72 tank

Table Setup
Setup a secondary winding road with hills and small vegetation on either side.  The supply convoy is setup close together at the end of the table with the following formation: Cougar, M1A1 Abrams, M2 Bradley, M1043 HMMWV, cargo truck, cargo truck, M2 Bradley, M997 HMMWV (Medic), cargo truck, cargo truck, M1043 HMMWV, cargo truck, cargo truck.  The Taliban forces are setup on the four hills surrounding the road with only one fire team being allowed per hill.  A makeshift barricade which is not crossable to the cargo trucks is about ½ up the road.  At least one fire team of Taliban must be in the barracks complex.  The barracks complex is on the farthest hill from the table.

Max Turns
Once it has reached 10 turns the US convoy is considered to have successfully negotiated through the ambush and made it to safety.

Special Rules
·         It’s the Desert: Out of contact movement not in use
·         They can Train More: Morale checks of the Taliban are immune to ‘shrinkage’ until the first Taliban leader is captured or killed.
·         Increased Fog of War: Draw a Fog of War card on turns 1, 3 and 5 and any time a US or Insurgent rolls a 1 on a reaction roll.
·         Soft Sand:  The cargo trucks must make a reliability check when they first leave the road.  If this check is failed the truck bogs down in the soft sand.  The cargo truck then has to stop where it failed the roll and must wait one turn without moving for the crew to dig it out.  This check only has to be made each time a cargo truck leaves the road not each time the truck moves if off-road.
·         Capture the Cargo:  The Taliban is not able to shoot at the trucks as they are attempting to capture the cargo inside and therefore may only capture a truck in close combat.  The truck may only be captured if there are no US forces that are able to close in close combat that turn otherwise it is assumed that the Taliban will fight off the US rather than attempt to loot the vehicle.  It takes one turn to loot the vehicle after which time the Taliban player may place an IED inside the truck and destroy it doing a 6d8 attack against everything within 4”.  All US armor and AFVs gain an additional dice of defense against all IEDs due to the slat armor.


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