Monday, January 18, 2010

I See Dead People

Eli over at I See Lead People and I were speaking of Vampires earlier today when we both came to the conclusion that there are so many on television and in the media that we are pretty much over them.  While it is true that I do use them as the occasional villain in my roleplaying games and I have been known to run a few games of Vampire the Masquerade including Live Action it is time for me to put the proverbial nail in the coffin so-to-speak.  So I was inspired by Eli who sent me a poem (which I will allow him to reply with if he wishes) by sending my own in return.  I took exactly five minutes to write this so bear in mind it is not intended to be a magnum opus.

*The Best Vamps*

wondering if they are hip
drolling on about fashion
a bite from the mouth a cut on the lip
A vampire is full of forbidden passion

Sometimes they glow and sometimes they howl
For some they are mellow and others they glow
Dig them up and bury them with a trowel
Turn on the television and theres a vampire on the show

A vampire has power and changes fate
Out in the sun a vampire will get baked
They swoon and implore and generally hate
For me the best vampire is the one who's been staked


  1. I hear ya about Vamps. I used to think they were cool. Now I'm fed up with them. Even my daughter who WAS a fan of the Twilight books, now can't stand them.

  2. Commercialism at its best can strangle any subject