Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gaming Room

I said a while back that I'd give you guys a glimpse into my gaming room and office so today while I was getting everything ready for Siege I grabbed the camera and took some shots of both.  You will notice that I keep most of my roleplaying stuff inside the house and most of my miniatures outside my gaming room.

Here are some pictures of the shelves in the game room.

Here is the stuff ready for Siege!

Finally here are some pictures of the rpgs in the office.


  1. Wow!
    Nice space!
    All I have is a cupboard......:(

  2. Scannable Goose .... least you have that. Mine belongs in a box between painting sessions. LOL !

  3. Nice! Is that some Dwarven Forge stuff in those boxes marked "Fragile"??

  4. Hey man can you cross post this I like the look and am always looking for ways to improve my game room -especially after the flood

  5. ScannableGoose: Thanks

    BrutorzBill: Yep

    Dave: Ok

  6. looks great Rob, how about some close ups of the Pirate wall of infamy - looks cool

  7. Boy does that place look familar, Oh wait Ive been there before in a past life.