Friday, January 8, 2010

Ambush Valley at HMGS South - Recon 2010

I will be running an Ambush Valley mini-campaign at Recon 2010.  

I have decided that I am going to go ahead and do the mini campaign in Vietnam for Recon 10 and Rapier 10 this year. I want to follow the development of a unit as they progress in the Nam and I think that the convention will be a good place to do it.  

1967 Vietnam, IV Corps, Delta Firebase Sword
"It is Vietnam 1967 and the war has been going steadily for the past few months at Firebase Sword. MACV is pleased at the progress of your boys down in IV Corps and has even recommended some of your boys for cushy reassignment patrolling the delta in PBRs. The draft has recently supplied your platoon with fresh new recruits and your firebase has been assigned a new aerorifle platoon complete with a detachment of long range reconnaissance to keep the area clear of Victor Charlie. Very soon you are expecting a new shipment of 175mm howitzers which will be a nice upgrade from your current 105's. Charlie has become more and more bold lately so your Bravo company and attached resources have been assigned the duty of ferreting him out! To that end intelligence believes that a nearby cavern complex somewhere near your local is being used to ferry supplies from Cambodia through to the Iron Triangle. It is your job to find these tunnels and engage Charlie wherever you find him! Remember we are here to help the Vietnamese people. Do not engage unless you have clear identification of the enemy. Good luck Captain!"


  1. This sounds like a cool game to run. How many players do you hope to have at the table at once?

  2. Sounds very cool.
    Make sure you take plenty of pics and write it up for those of us who can't make it!

  3. I figure that there will be enough room for all who wish to play Peabody as I have an extensive collection of 20mm US and Free World Forces. :)

    Thanks ScannableGoose I will!