Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ambush Alley at Siege of Augusta

I am running Ambush Alley at Siege of Augusta for those of you who are able to make it.

Protect Super Six Four
Ambush Alley
Players: 4
Description: Mixes elements of Rangers and Delta Force are pinned down in the heart of Mogadishu awaiting the arrival of a ground convoy of UN armored vehicles.  Little Birds buzz relentlessly overhead, pouring fire into the Somali horde that seeks to obliterate their beleaguered comrades below.  The convoy draws nearer, but the Americans are low on ammunition, medical supplies and water.  Somali militimen continue to brave death from above to come to grips with the Rangers, hoping that one more push might shatter their resolve.... This scenario represents the defense of one corner of the Ranger's perimeter around Super Six-Four and is offically sponsored by Ambush Alley Games and the Jacksonville Garrison.

Table Size Needed: Standard
GM: Robert Adams
As Ambush Alley is a quick game if time permits I will run the scenario Turkey Shoot directly after the first game in the same session.


  1. hey Rob - I am planning on running games of VSF- TSATF, Pirates and CLS Napoleonics at Seige, Course that depends on the space they give me.
    looking forward to seeing you there.

  2. If you are not running the VSF Saturday morning then I'd love to assist you with the VSF.