Sunday, January 31, 2010

Escape from Dungonland - CoTS

Our heroes bravely risk life and limb as they battle Dee and Dum, rescue an Enchanter with a connection to the realm, and finally come face to face with the Queen of Hearts!

Episode III up!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Iron Clads initial painting completed

Last night I primed the ironclads that I had ordered for Christmas last year.  I have a small collection of 1/(some small number) scale ironclads from my dad that he had painted very nicely. All last night I kept creeping into the garage to sneak a peak at my drying fleet and mentally going over ideas of how to paint them.  Most people do not know this but both sides of the American Civil War had ironclads and both sides painted their ironclads rather than leaving them a shiny target in the night..  So it is with ideas of ironclads that I woke up this morning when I sleeked into the game room (garage) to check on the fleet and make sure it was completely dry.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I SEE LEAD PEOPLE: Lost Scrolls at Ferrous Lands

Lost Scrolls give-away at Ferrous Lands. I am linking to ISLP but check out Andrew's blog as well. He's got some great painted miniatures including my personal favorite LAWN GNOMES! He is also a follower of 20mm, the one true scale. ;)

I SEE LEAD PEOPLE: Lost Scrolls at Ferrous Lands

To Tripod or not to Tripod

My good buddy Eli over at I see lead people and I have been discussing the finer aspects of Victorian Science Fiction today.  Specifically we have discussed what is and what is not considered to be true Victorian Science Fiction. I am sure many of you remember the old War of the Worlds book written by H.G. Wells back in 1898 as the two part novel series The Coming of the Martians and The Earth Under the Martians. Some have called the book a variation on evolution interpretation while others consider the book sheer romantic science fiction.  The War of the Worlds has spawned a 1950s movie, a spin off television special, several made for television movies and the Hollywood Tom Cruise War of the Worlds. In either  event many agree that this book along with 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Journey to the Center of the Earth were the springboards for the Victorian Science Fiction genre and later the Steampunk movement itself.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Siege of Augusta Convention Report

Dad and I headed up for Augusta about 7:00 AM.  It took us about five hours to get to the Double Tree.  Overall, it was a good time at the convention.  The staffers were very friendly about getting us to our areas and allowing the attendees to sign up to events early.  I did notice that someone had mistakenly printed Saturday's events twice instead of Sunday's on the program.  There were several raffles and a decent flea market setup at a few tables.  Vendors in attendance were Time Portal Hobbies, Comics and Games, Gameological Institute, Casting Fool and Son, Tiny Metal Men and a painting company that carried 20mm colonials and other 20mm goodness (no moderns).  Sorry I forget their name.  Games ranged from historical American Civil War ran by Bob Moon and Colonial to more fantasy type World War 1 with tripods in 2mm ran by Chris Pageno. I ran a game of Ambush Alley/FOF that had great success and played in a French Indochina war game that was horrible.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Book Review: Inside Delta Force

Right now I am reading Inside Delta Force by Command Sergeant Major Eric Haney.  The book describes the beginnings of the Special Operational Detachment - Delta.  Yes this is the famed Delta Force anti-terrorist organization of legend.  As of now I am only a few chapters into the book.  Well actually I am in the next section.  The book is not actually divided up into chapters in the conventional sense.  So far I have read of Haney's experiences in the Selection process and how the unit started at Fort Briggs. From what I have read so far I can highly recommend this book as a first person perspective of the trials undertaken in Selection.  I imagine that it will soon venture into the realm of special missions and I really look forward to reading about Haney's experiences.  I will update as I complete the book.

Update 1/29/09:  I have just completed the book and I have to say without a doubt that this was one of the most thrilling and well written accounts of military life from a first person view I have ever read.  Sgt Mgr Haney takes you through what it is like to be a member of the SOFD-D without actually giving away trade secrets that could be used by nefarious individuals.  From the gun infested streets of Beruit where children play among the bullet spray, to the Embassy in El Salvador where gorillas plot an attack on American soil to celebrate their anniversary, Sgt Mgr Haney paints a vivid picture of what it is like to be one of the Elites. Great thought and foresight was put into the writing of this book.  I give it two thumbs up and highly recommend it as both a testament to the Delta Force and as a cautionary tale to those considering taking action against our great country.  Hooah!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dwarven Forge

Does anyone have any Dwarven Forge or Mega Miniature or other type of terrain/dungeon accessories that they are not using and are wanting to sell or trade for reasonable value?  My wife has gotten me to start another Forgotten Realms game and I used my Dwarven Forge stuff again last night. The miniature gamer in me loves to use this stuff to populate the worlds even more so than the flat tiled dungeon and dragons tiles you can get at your FLGS.  This has resulted me in my new obsession with the really beautiful dwarven forge terrain.  If you do please let me know and we'll work out a deal.

I'd also like to know how you use this terrain or if you use it and if not not what you like to use for things like this.  Let's open this discussion.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I See Dead People

Eli over at I See Lead People and I were speaking of Vampires earlier today when we both came to the conclusion that there are so many on television and in the media that we are pretty much over them.  While it is true that I do use them as the occasional villain in my roleplaying games and I have been known to run a few games of Vampire the Masquerade including Live Action it is time for me to put the proverbial nail in the coffin so-to-speak.  So I was inspired by Eli who sent me a poem (which I will allow him to reply with if he wishes) by sending my own in return.  I took exactly five minutes to write this so bear in mind it is not intended to be a magnum opus.

*The Best Vamps*

wondering if they are hip
drolling on about fashion
a bite from the mouth a cut on the lip
A vampire is full of forbidden passion

Sometimes they glow and sometimes they howl
For some they are mellow and others they glow
Dig them up and bury them with a trowel
Turn on the television and theres a vampire on the show

A vampire has power and changes fate
Out in the sun a vampire will get baked
They swoon and implore and generally hate
For me the best vampire is the one who's been staked

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dungeonland Podcast Pt II - CoTS

For those of you who are listening to the podcasts I put Dungonland Pt II up last night.  The party went against the Jabberwocky and the Mad Hatter and found themselves in a place that was curiouser and curiouser.

VSF Venusians

Apparently I am on a painting spree today!  I hope I can keep this up!  Up next are some arachnid warriors from StarShip Troopers which I intend on using for that plus Venusians for my VSF and Pulp games.  I was inspired by Avatar pictures and scenes with the blue color of these creatures.  I have yet to see the movie.  You cannot tell but I actually used Bleach Bone on five of the creatures and pure white on another five.  They were painted dark blue and then drybrushed turquoise before the claws, teeth and sharp pointy bits were painted.

On a side note my four year old daughter has been singing the General's song "Pants on the Ground" from American Idol all weekend since she heard it on the radio.  It is charming to hear a four year old dispense fashion advice.

Civil War painting update

Making progress on my civil war.  I am almost done with two more regiments.  I intend for these boys to be my Marines and Regulars.

Gaming Room

I said a while back that I'd give you guys a glimpse into my gaming room and office so today while I was getting everything ready for Siege I grabbed the camera and took some shots of both.  You will notice that I keep most of my roleplaying stuff inside the house and most of my miniatures outside my gaming room.

Here are some pictures of the shelves in the game room.

Here is the stuff ready for Siege!

Finally here are some pictures of the rpgs in the office.

Siege of Augusta 2010 update

I will be running some Ambush Alley and possibly some Force on Force up at Siege of Augusta.  I just got done putting together everything for the games this next weekend.  It proves to be a great convention.  In particular I plan on playing Uncle Ho's Poppys which is going to be set in the First Indochina War with the French versus the Vietmin.   In addition my dad and I will be running Full Thrust and my friend Dave is going to run a Victorian Science Fiction game.  I hope to see some of you there!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

In the 'Stan

A while back I did a mission for the Osprey Raider contest on Ambush Alley Games.  The mission was Operation Rendezvous which is a mission that could have happened during Desert Storm.  Today while looking at the AAG site I noticed that they needed another mission to demo the flashpoint figures etc so I decided to go ahead and update the mission giving it newer equipment and moving it to Afghanistan.

Mission Overview
A small mechanized US convoy is heading to a remote village just outside of Taliban controlled territory with much needed medical supplies for Bravo Company.  The convoy is setup typically with the lead vehicle a Cougar MRAP.  As the convoy passes a series of small rural houses and businesses Lieutenant Bobby “Long Tom” Livingston gives the order for the convoy to stop.   Quickly the well trained soldiers debus the Bradleys and find cover.  As the Cougar heads forward passing by an old Buick a small boy with a cellular phone is spotted behind a nearby tree pointing the phone in the direction of the convoy. 

The reaction of the forces is immediate as they move to cover the boy but a blast from inside the Buick rocks the Cougar.  The IED explodes outward slamming into the MRAP and sending shrapnel into the forces gathered nearby.  Bravely the soldiers continue through the shrapnel toward their target.  As they race toward him the kid drops the phone and runs away.  A quick chase ensues with the forces finally getting to the young boy.  They place him in custody and move him to a HMMWV for questioning. 

Specialist Donaldson, the medic checks over those in the Cougar and patch up the men injured in the shrapnel blast.  “Let’s question that kid.”  Lieutenant Long Tom moves toward the MP HMMWV.  After a few moments he emerges from the vehicle sobs from the kid emanating from inside.  “We got problem ahead of us boys.  Seems there’s a Taliban complex and Al Qaida training facility just north of our position.  As luck would have it we have been told by Brass to go ahead and investigate but our primary mission is still to bring these supplies to Bakah.  We are to proceed to the complex and take into custody any persons of interest we might find.  Whadda say boys? ” 

Listener Feedback on Podcast

I put the final podcast up last night and am curious to hear any comments and feedbacks from you all.  In the future my plan is to add effects and sounds to the podcast through music and effects listed under creative commons so as to not violate copyrite laws.  Understand that there is no way that I can completely get rid of background noise or the kids as they are part of the gaming experience for us.  So I pose the question to you my readers and listeners, what did you think?  Do you want to hear more?

In case you do not know this already I put an embedded player in the blog which shows a picture of the dragon and added a link to the podbean blog as well.  In addition you should be able to download right from iTunes.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vehicle Cards for Force on Force and Ambush Alley

I have been working with Jim over at Objective Alpha for the past few months on creating vehicle cards for the Force on Force and Ambush Alley Games using the free to download MotorPool II statistics.  So far I have made pretty good progress on the Russians and Jim has the Americans and the British up on his site.  These cards work well although I downsize them to 3 1/2 by 2 1/2 so that I can use them as a pack of normal playing cards.  Jim's idea in keeping them bigger is a good one too if you like bigger cards on the table.  There is a thread on the AAG forum which is discussing these cards under Force on Force and his website can be found here.

Here is a few examples of the cards we have created.

Podcast Tonight

OK I've put this off long enough.  I will get this out tonight.  Does anyone have any suggestions for third party mixing software and editing software for audio?  I need to cut it and splice it before putting it out there as right now it is over four hours long and contains material that has to be edited.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Zombies and News Crew for Modern

Earlier last year my buddy Jake gave me a good deal on his 15mm civilians and some HMMWVs and a Toyota Pickup.  After today's game I put the 15mm Moderns on the stick for painting.  Most of these guys are either QRF or Liberation Miniatures.  A few of them are from another company which I cannot identify.  The Toyota truck and gunners are from Peter Pig.

I need to get all of these guys painted up before Siege of Augusta in a few weeks so that I have civilians (and zombies).  The News Crew is important as well.

Search and Destroy at Dak-Po

We played Ambush Valley - Search and Destroy at Dak Po.

The US have been ordered to investigate a nearby hamlet named Dak Po which is known for its VC sympathizers.  "Lt. Walsh, go in to Dak Po and check for VC supplies and weapons caches.  Remember to follow the code and do not shoot unless provoked. This is an area known for VC so be sure to be alert.  I am sending a Kit Carson with you to scout ahead."The US consisted of the Command Squad Lt. Walsh, an RTO, Medic and Kit Carson Scout.  Squad One Sgt Maxwell, M79, 3x M16, Corporal Henderson, M60, Asst. M60.  OP Squad Sgt Hopper, RTO (with 81mm Mortars support).  Squad Two Sgt Baker, M79, 3x M16, Corporal Peterson, M60, Asst M60.  US Troop Quality and Morale D8

The US broke up their platoon into two squads each having a support being lead by the RTO Ops section and the HQ section.  The Kit Carson was placed by himself to ferret out VC with Squad One under Sgt Maxwell..  Sgt Baker and Squad Two took up the other flank with Sgt Hopper and the RTO providing support if necessary.

The VC setup in the hootches splitting up Squad One into two teams. Their mission was to get the porters out and move supplies off the road that Squad Two entered on.  To accomplish this Leader Ho Ban Koo set the escort squad to take the porters though the woods while the VC cadre inside the hootches and posing as civilians would keep the attention of the US so the porters could achieve their victory.  Several runners were sent to gather reinforcements from nearby Local VC.

On turn one the  Kit Carson scout moved down the road and was ambushed by a small cell of four VC hiding in the triple canopy jungle.  The Kit Carson passed his check and noticed the VC before they could ambush.  The reaction roll however resulted in the Kit Carson being able to fire first and he was able to wound one of the gunmen.  Returning fire the VC shot up the Kit Carson causing a light wound.  Sgt Maxwell's squad following the Kit Carson seeing him fall moved to support and opened fire on the VC unit beating them in the reaction check and causing heavy casualties.  The VC unit fails the morale check and is shaken.

Sgt Hopper's OP team moves down the trail hearing the gun fire and hearing the radio chatter of First Squad is on edge.  As they clear a bend they are ambushed by a VC who pops out of a spiderhole and fires a few half hearted shots in the direction of the unit.  Private Jones is hit but the bullet only grazes his flack jacket which saves him from a trip to the doctor's.

PodCasting the DnD Game (Continues) - CoTS Dungeonland

I recorded last night's game and the sound quality is OK.  I now have to set about editing this which may take a few days.  This session had a lot of non-character chit chat which is fine as to my mind the game is also about socializing.  There are times where we have mostly roleplaying and gaming but this was one of those sessions where there was a lot of out of character discussion.  The in-character discussions were a riot.  The topics ranged from everything from the bigotry expressed by non-elves to the sprites down to what the Jabberwocky was and if they should really want to see the Queen of Hearts.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ambush Valley at HMGS South - Recon 2010

I will be running an Ambush Valley mini-campaign at Recon 2010.  

I have decided that I am going to go ahead and do the mini campaign in Vietnam for Recon 10 and Rapier 10 this year. I want to follow the development of a unit as they progress in the Nam and I think that the convention will be a good place to do it.  

1967 Vietnam, IV Corps, Delta Firebase Sword
"It is Vietnam 1967 and the war has been going steadily for the past few months at Firebase Sword. MACV is pleased at the progress of your boys down in IV Corps and has even recommended some of your boys for cushy reassignment patrolling the delta in PBRs. The draft has recently supplied your platoon with fresh new recruits and your firebase has been assigned a new aerorifle platoon complete with a detachment of long range reconnaissance to keep the area clear of Victor Charlie. Very soon you are expecting a new shipment of 175mm howitzers which will be a nice upgrade from your current 105's. Charlie has become more and more bold lately so your Bravo company and attached resources have been assigned the duty of ferreting him out! To that end intelligence believes that a nearby cavern complex somewhere near your local is being used to ferry supplies from Cambodia through to the Iron Triangle. It is your job to find these tunnels and engage Charlie wherever you find him! Remember we are here to help the Vietnamese people. Do not engage unless you have clear identification of the enemy. Good luck Captain!"

Podcasting the DnD Game

So I have been checking out ways to podcast my game.  I have downloaded some free audio recording software and a free audio RSS converter, Donar MP3 and EasyPod Cast respectively.  There are a few things I am worried about having done blogtalk radio in the past.  1, dead air.  I know gaming brings a lot of silence as people decide what to do with their characters.  Is it a normally accepted practice to just cut out the dead air or is this expected during a game?  2, Real names.  I know my group uses real names and character names interchangeably which might confuse people. I figure I will have to try to get everyone to start calling each other by their character names.  3, Blogstorage.  I have considered both Odeo and Podbean.  Does anyone have any experience with either of these?  4, Volume and/or the ability to hear people during the game.  Right now I only have a basic microphone and my laptop.  Lastly any advice anyone can offer is well accepted and appreciated.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Survey - Should I PodCast my next dnd Session?

So I was threatening to take pictures of our next dnd game and as the stakes got higher I said to my wife "I'll podcast it."  People have been doing this for a while now.  So I pose to you, my readers, are you interested in hearing a podcast of our dnd game?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I SEE LEAD PEOPLE: Bad Habits That Make Me A Better Gamer

Over the years I have developed a lot of habits in gaming that many people have commented on as being bad or "not good" gaming habits to have. Now, as Obi Wan is known to ssay this might be true, "from a certain point of view". However, some of these habits do have beneficial side effects on how I approach games and my mindset as a gamer. I'd like to share a few of my habits and some observations on how I feel they make me a better gamer....

To read more click the link below...

I SEE LEAD PEOPLE: Bad Habits That Make Me A Better Gamer

Ambush Alley at Siege of Augusta

I am running Ambush Alley at Siege of Augusta for those of you who are able to make it.

Protect Super Six Four
Ambush Alley
Players: 4
Description: Mixes elements of Rangers and Delta Force are pinned down in the heart of Mogadishu awaiting the arrival of a ground convoy of UN armored vehicles.  Little Birds buzz relentlessly overhead, pouring fire into the Somali horde that seeks to obliterate their beleaguered comrades below.  The convoy draws nearer, but the Americans are low on ammunition, medical supplies and water.  Somali militimen continue to brave death from above to come to grips with the Rangers, hoping that one more push might shatter their resolve.... This scenario represents the defense of one corner of the Ranger's perimeter around Super Six-Four and is offically sponsored by Ambush Alley Games and the Jacksonville Garrison.

Table Size Needed: Standard
GM: Robert Adams
As Ambush Alley is a quick game if time permits I will run the scenario Turkey Shoot directly after the first game in the same session.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Care to play Ambush Valley Sunday?

This is an open invite to everyone to come play Ambush Valley on Sunday at my place around 1ish.  I am all setup for the first scenario.

Old Glory 25s 15mm Ironclads

Over the Christmas I picked up six fine resin cast 15mm Ironclads from Old Glory Shipyard (Thanks Dad ;)).  The order was placed on Christmas Day and I received them yesterday along with all of the naval guns that I needed to give them teeth.  Teresa was wonderful over at Old Glory Shipyard and I highly recommend her!  I will be showing their progress as I go along like I did with the Rhodesian Crocodiles although am still painting on my 15mm ACW Union forces.  I have most of my Confederates done.  I picked up the Albemarle, a Six Gun Casemate, St. James Wheeler, Mortar Privateer, Two Turreted Monitor and a Single Turret Monitor.  I will be using these puppies in my Johnny Reb games as well as with the Ironclad modified rules for Barnacle Bill.

First here are two regiments one each of Confederates and one of Union that I completed tonight.

Here are the monitors

Here are the Albemarle and Six Gun Casemate

Finally here are the Privateer and the St James Wheeler

Friday, January 1, 2010

Johnny Reb Harper's Ferry

This is the game currently in progress between my dad and myself.  We both have a division with two brigades each.  I have a battery of Whitworth Rifles and dad has 24# Howitzers and a battery of Mountain Howitzers.  So far there's been only one casualty taken by my skirmishers on the right flank by his Mountain Howitzers on the hill.

End-of Year Builds

The past few days I went on a painting spree and painted up some more of my troops.  In addition, pop came over and played some Johnny Reb (which we have to finish today or tomorrow).  Here are some shots of what I have painted.