Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Word Verification

Will over at green skeleton gaming and Eli of I see lead people have been doing WV for a while now. I liked Eli's story of his grandmother getting him a camera and my mother has been there lately for my kids. The following is a made up race which could fit in any post-apocapliptic world. Enjoy. I took the name Sker from Mik over at Mik's Minis.


Skers are a race of elderly females who resemble humans in all respects except that they are never cosmetically young and always have a twinkle in their eyes'. Skiers retain the memories of their parents and therefore are a living encyclopedia of knowledge.

Skers live in remote environments usually at a distance equal to the nearest gambling halls minus the travel time compounded by the amount of time it takes to tell a story about 'the good old days'.

Skers can be found flocking together in bingo halls and watching trivia game shows. A Skers diet consists of store-bought wines and home made dinners. A Sker will never be seen eating fast food or microwaveable meals. Skers usually adopt the guise of a grandmother early in life, choosing a family with which the need for acceptance is great. A Sker will automatically pass any checks against mind control which would result in attacking any member of the chosen family.

Skers can be seen in the company of humans or mutated humans and are often observed to fawn over the children of the adopted family. A Sker is considered a great gift by the Lanham people who revere the Sker by recording their stories.

When a Sker is old enough the Lanham people gather together to pay homage and worship before tossing the Sker over a cliff. It is said that the Sker then becomes an eagle and flies to safety in the here after.


  1. Ha! I love it, and I can hear the Lanhams chanting as we speak, "Toss her, toss her, toss her..."

  2. Thanks guys and congrats on your win at DZH Mik!

  3. Interesting ..... if the love of bingo halls is known that makes me wonder if Skers have "lucky charms" that they carry ...