Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good Morning Vietnam!

After speaking with Peabody and looking over at my unpainted Vietnam lead in both 20mm and 15mm I have decided that the very next project I will tackle is putting together the rest of my 20s and then starting my 15s. Most of my 20s are either platoon 20 or Quality and are a mixture of VC and NVA with IIRC a single US platoon. Since most of my US are already completed I will probably hold off on painting the US. I also have several more model kits to complete including another bronco, dragonfly and a CH47 (which I intend to turn into guns-a-go-go). I will post the progress of the build from start to finish both here and on fields of fire (in a teaser format). I welcome comments and helpful suggestions as well as praise and constructive criticism. Thank you.

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