Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dropship Horizion

Drop Ship Horizon is having a contest to describe the critical mass merc miniatures on their site. Here's my entry for Mr. Blue.

Alias: Mr Blue

Real Name: Lenny Owitzch

Species: Octabrew

Mr. Blue is an Octabrew, a species of semi-aquatic bipedal Hebrew-speaking, beer swirling, octopi mutants who were created when the Hebrews tossed the Ark of the Covenant into the Warehouse after it was captured by Professor Jones from the Nazis. Due to an unfortunate typo created by Miss Lechewitz, secretary of the Warehouse 51 Director who entered that the Most Holy of Holies be placed next to the recently unearthed Mummy of Akenaten and Professor Mildred Tuna’s recent discovery of architetuthis. While overseeing the placement of the Ark, Rabbi Tavia Weinvenchiz ventured a little too close to the Ark and was immediately transformed by the power of the spirit into the first Octabrew. Being a religious fellow Rabbi Tavia immediately declared his new species a gift from the Gods. Since this time the Octibrew have served in all manner of maritime careers including Oil Worker and Teamster but it wasn’t until humanity began to explore the stars that the Octabrew really came into their own learning quickly to adapt their gills to breathe in the small contents of nitrogen in space and therefore being able to work and even thrive in environments that would otherwise be considered extremely uninhabitable.

Today Mr. Blue is waiting on a fellow Octabrew and enjoying himself in Mos Eisley downing Corellian Ale and playing rounds of Sabbac. Mr. Blue is an exceptionally able member of his race and is also known as one of the more unsavory sorts in the universe. Wanted for charges ranging from hurtling insults to the Emperor to illegal inking, Mr. Blue is an accomplished criminal. He now sits quietly, sipping his ale and enjoying himself until his associate arrives so he can terminate his contract…

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