Monday, December 28, 2009

2010 Projects

I am planning on completing the painting of my 20mm Vietnam 15mm WW1 and 15mm Colonials (mostly for VSF).  This is going to take the better part of the year.  I am also planning on building some more scratch built terrain and nefs.  Last night I completed the NVA command HQ for the platoon I am working on, two more steam golems, a regiment of ACW confederates, a 20mm matchbox technical conversion, my two Vrill saucers I got for Christmas and a scratch built building made out of corrugated cardboard.

I welcome you all to share with everyone what you are planning for 2010.


  1. You have had a productive day! Wow.
    2010 will see me still mired deep in the glorious mud of my 20mm Vietnam project. Still have scads of kits, minis and terrain to do before that to-do list is done. FNG 2nd Tour is due out soon & Ambush Alley Games just released Ambush Valley, so now I have two ways, two levels of play for this collection. How can I miss?
    Just started work on a speed-painted District 9 themed 15mm sci-fi collection based on GZG New Israelis, 8 wheeled MICV's and a mess of 'Not-Prawn'. These should be done and out of the way within a couple of weeks. I plan to play AAG's Tomorrow's War with these. (See; planning ahead! I don't even know for sure when these rules will be released, or if that will be their name. I just know I'm up for some of this action.)
    My last known goal for 2010 is to put some quality time into my 28mm Pig Iron Productions Heavy Infantry / System Trooper force. These are primarily for skirmish gaming, 5150 will do nicely for these guys.

  2. Plans are good, but mine never survive contact with the enemy. Looking forward to seeing your D9 stuff, Peabody.

  3. on the 25mm side I am puting together a steam tank from warmmer from scratch to save on cost - i hope. Napoleonic grenzers look cool as VSF troops with their capes