Monday, November 9, 2009

VBIED attack on IGB pt 2

The game was a lot of fun but we both felt that the Russians needed one more RPG (not necessarily an AT RPG) in one of the cells.

The US won by saving the brigade commander but the Soviets played a mean game blowing up the gatehouse with a VBIED and drawing a PT76 right off the bat in the game. I drew the card and lost a unit of unarmed soldiers. The Russians attacked with everyone on turn one and so the following turn my MPs showed up in their SUV and secured the HQ while the reaction force showed up two turns later. The swiss cheese card was placed on the HQ building and I drew additional support in the form of another Bradley with troops.

Sorry no pictures were taken during the game and I cannot post the force lists as this was a playtest of a scenario packet soon to be released.

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