Monday, November 23, 2009

Tanksgiving Weekend

As most of you already know I am planning on hosting a variety of games starting Friday morning around 9ish and continuing all day to resume Saturday morning at 9ish until about 3pm. I have the following in mind but we can modify the list if you guys want.

Ambush Alley/Fog of War
Warengine (Modern and/or Vietnam)
Warengine 54mm WWII (If Ray brings them over)
Victory at Sea
Sword and the Flame (Colonial and Victorian Science Fiction)
Pulp Alley (I've been asked to run a quick game of this to try out the new rules and Mel seems to like this game)
Warengine Golgo Island (Perhaps a trial run before WarFlorCon on the 12th of December?)

Any other suggestions please let me know!

I hope to see everyone there!