Monday, November 23, 2009

rhodesian crocodile - part II

I received my crocodiles in the mail today. They are two resin model kits from S&S Models. This is a picture of the base resin models. I have to look at some pictures to figure out how this thing is supposed to glue together. One thing I did not know about these is that they are about as big as my duce 1/2 models which makes them pretty big.

This is the first for my African wars stuff. I plan on getting some green stuff termite mounds together as well for terrain. I will also be able to use the mounds in my Nam scenarios. If anyone knows of any inexpensive ways to make water buffalo and 20mm African animals I am all ears.

I have also primed up some tractors and armored cars for use with my VSF.

Finally here are some WIP 20mm moderns for Spy vs Spy.

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