Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Continued Forays Into Zululand

The Royal Regiment of Foot in Mouth continues its trek into Gondwanaland searching for the elusive Zulu and German tribes. Now Super Scientist Professor Milo Mandrake Miller and his assistant The Lovely Andrea Applebottom head into the jungles with their new improved Steam Tanks and Armored Steam Wagons.

In place of the porters pulling the ammo and supply carts are steam engines which have been modified to run on a track using the Invisible Movement Continuation Machine. What superior engineering from the Royal Empire. Her Majesty is well pleased with the inventors of these marvelous machines.


  1. Nice collection of characterful vehicles there. Are you using them pretty much stock or are there plans to convert them?


  2. I have converted them all by adding smoke stacks as none of the models had them to start with. I think that is enough conversion. The barrels of the FTs were broken so I made new ones using piano wire. I am going to convert the tractors by adding their wagon trains behind them though and might add a few rivets to each model. I painted the rivets onto the armored cars and I like the way that they came out.