Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cold War Gone Hot IGB Attack

Sunday we are ramping up for another play test of the upcoming Cold War Gone Hot campaign by Ambush Alley Games. This time a small military compound right on the IGB (Inter-German Border) held by Americans is being attacked by six Russian cells and a VBIED. There are several small groups of unarmed soldiers training at the base with the base commander which start out in the main administrative building and armory. Most of these, however, are new recruits and have limited combat experience. Luckily increased Soviet military activity has been detected at the border and so NATO has setup quick reaction forces which patrol the border near targets of interest. The Americans are unaware of the attack and so the four gate guards and small group of nearby MPs will have a hard time fending off the Russians until the reaction force arrives.

The game table is setup and we are ready to being playing. I particularly enjoyed setting up the motor pool (not in the original scenario) and workshops (made of corrugated cardboard) to give it the feeling of a working base. The road passing by the gate guardhouse is also a nice touch as is the electric fencing around the perimeter of the base and the concentrina wire within the base.

The game should be a lot of fun and anyone who wishes to come out and give it a go is welcome to. We will be using Force on Force rules modified with the Cold War Gone Hot supplement.

Pictures of the checkpoint

Picture of the workshops and the main HQ building.


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  2. I like the use of simple but effective terrain for a very playable table.


  3. I added a watchtower to the mix right near the quonset huts. You will see these in the game pictures this weekend when I post the AAR next week.