Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Case of the Portentous Planetarium

Pulp Game Cast of Characters:

Indiana Jones and Native Escort
Dick Tracy and Flatfoot Coppers
James Bond 007 and companion
Captain Wolf Barker and the US Navy

The Dragon Lady and her Tong Bodyguards
The Evil Dr No & Minions
Helga and the Nazi SheWolves of the Unterseeboot Weißwolf
Deter and the Zepplin Troopen

Venusian Arachnid Warriors Captured for Dr. No's Experiments

Can our band of heroes stop the unholy alliance between The Evil Dr. No, The Dragon Lady and the Nazis from uncovering the secret behind the Legendary Carapace of the Venusian Arachnid Warriors before it's too late or will the enhanced troopers of the evil triumvirate force the world to supplicate to its demands?
..this just in.. Dragon Lady spotted nearing Cairo...

# Players: 4-10 (depending on who wants to play)
Time: 2-3 Hours (depending)

This is the Pulp Game I am running using Warengine at Rhubarbs in Orlando at WarFlorCon December 12th. I may run something similar at Rapier 2010.

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