Thursday, November 5, 2009

ACW... What if

I played yesterday a game of ACW. It was a 'what if' type scenario had the Confederates had the capability to attack the US as they marched back home toward the South. We played Union and had to roll each turn for the three brigades that were nearby to see if they showed. I had a single brigade defending against a brigade of Confederates and two additional regiments. I was in the woods one either side of a road which was an objective of the Confederates. I was slowly pushed back until one of my regiments routed, causing another to shake but the third held firm in skirmish. Slowly I pulled back my forces to a church and stone wall and was able to deal some serious casualties to the Confederates. I unfortunately had to leave the stone wall having to disengage because I was outflanked by Confederates. Similarly my ally had to slowly backup which ended in a retirement for the brigade. On turn 7 a brigade showed up but it was too little too late. Good game though! We will play it again next week and see if I can hold better.

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