Friday, November 27, 2009

112709 - Tanksgiving VSF

The British Foot in Mouth Division and the 4th Steam Tractor Regiment attacked a Martian Colony of Muslim Martians today. The attack was a victory although many of our boys in red went to their God like true soldiers! The Muslim Martians deployed their steam spiders, scout steam engines and steam cruisers as well as a blimp and several smaller scout spiders. In addition the Martians utilized enhanced armor which protected many of their men from the rifle fire from our boys.

British Foot in Mouth (Rob and Howard)
General Nigel Merryweather and Pern
6 Regiments of 10 men each (each man representing 10 men @ 100 man Regiments)
1 Field Gun (representing a battery)
3 Steam Bots (Ro, Bot, and LongTom)
2 Steam-powered Armored Cars (Fredrick and Gretta)
2 Land Ironclad Cruisers (Bunderwiesl and St George)
1 Land Ironclad Dreadnought (Stan Engine - "Haggis")

4th Steam Tractor Regiment
3 Steam Tractors

Martian Muslims 23rd Planetary Protectorate (Mel and Jason)
Sheik Abu Ali Amandarn
5 Regiments of 10 men each (each man representing 30 men @ 300 man Regiments)
3 Native Guns (Representing 3 native batteries)
4 Steam Scout Spiders (Ibn Ibu)
2 Light Steam Destroyers (Crescent Moon)
3 Steam Cruisers (Allah's Sword)
Steam Spider (Amagon)
Madi Blimp
2 Martian Regiments of 10 men each (each man representing 10 men @ 100 man Regiments)


  1. looks like fun did you use Soword n the Flame modified?

  2. Lady in the pics doesn't look to thrilled. Did you kill off her favorite character?


  3. Looks like a fun game, I like the steam-mechs and zeppelins especially!

  4. That is my wife Eli. She does not like pictures when she is gaming but usually is very happy. She also did not like it when her steam spider bit the big one.

    Over the weekend I got the Atlantis bridge layer and the drilling machine which will come in handy for the VSF. I plan on making a blimp out of some bottles and a double dirigible ala Sky Captain from two smaller 1 liter Mountain Dew bottles.

    Thanks for the comments guys!

  5. The Steam Mechs are converted Mage Knight figures that I repainted and rebased.